Setting Industry’s newest innovations and benchmarks – Aparna Enterprises Limited

Selected as Inspirational Indian Companies 2020 by WCRCINT, Aparna Enterprises Limited has been distinctively enterprising and has redefined the Buildings Material Sector

Setting Industry’s newest innovations and benchmarks – Aparna Enterprises Limited

Selected as Inspirational Indian Companies 2020 by WCRCINT, Aparna Enterprises Limited has been distinctively enterprising and has redefined the Buildings Material Sector

Aparna Enterprises Limited

Company Name: Aparna Enterprises Limited

Brand Website:

CEO & Founders: Mr S S Reddy

Number of Employees: Approximately – 2000

Aparna Enterprises Limited
World Class Innovative Products from Aparna Enterprises

The story of Aparna Enterprises Limited (AEL) is one of continuous evolution. Constantly embracing new technologies to develop the next generation building materials. This entrepreneurial trait has earned great recognition and trust from customers. 

AEL is a part of the Rs 2500 cr Aparna Group—the leading builder of very large gated community projects and commercial spaces.

Founded in the year 1990, Aparna Enterprises Limited, has established a reputation as one of India’s most Innovative and respected building material producer, through a range of businesses in building-material products, such as RMC (ready-mix concrete), uPVC Window and Door Systems, uPVC Profiles, Tiles, Sanitary Ware & Kitchens, Aluminium Window & Door Systems and Facades & Exteriors. Associated with several landmark projects for over 30 years, AEL is globally renowned for setting benchmarks in technology, research, design, and quality.

Inspirational Companies 2020

What sets Aparna Enterprises Limited (AEL) apart is not how old or new we are to the building materials industry, but the number of  products and services the company has introduced over the years.This focus has not only injected fresh energy into company sales and marketing efforts, but has also set new product benchmarks for the building materials sector.

AEL has been a pioneer and continues to re-define the building material product space by being among the very few companies in the country to offer  a bouquet of building material solutions to  meet its customers’ needs.

At the core of AEL are its customers. With 3 decades of experience, AEL understands and is in tune with the growing needs of the market. By fostering continuous improvement, adopting new technologies and expanding our competencies, AEL is able to deliver the most sophisticated, high performance and bespoke building material product solutions on the market.

The products offered by AEL are manufactured and produced using world-class technology and at facilities owned by the company.  The other aspect that makes Aparna Enterprises the preferred brand amongst its customers is the quality of their products and their commitment to deliver products on-time.

Aparna Enterprises Limited

The big idea of the business that is impacting human lives?

The business proposition is to be the  preferred supplier for sourcing various building materials of impeccable quality; ensure on-time delivery and help improve the quality of life for end users.

Vision and Mission that the brand lives by.

AEL’s vision is to deliver integrated and sustainable building materials products and solutions that help create smarter living and work spaces.

AEL’s mission is to meet clients’ need for building materials products that addresses and resolves their most pressing requirements, challenges and concerns.

AEL’s aim is to deliver integrated and sustainable building materials and provide end-to-end, customized solutions that meet client’s needs.

The Core Values of the Brand. The Emotional Positioning and the Product Attributes.

The Brand’s core values are Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, Transparency and Collaboration

Emotional positioning – One of the strongest positioning any brand can achieve goes beyond product features or great after-sale service. Building a differentiation strategy on emotional benefit like “TRUST” has helped AEL set itself apart in the consumers’ mind and has created a platform that helps the company constantly deliver on this promise.

Product attributes –Technically sound solutions, advanced manufacturing processes, highly talented team, prompt delivery, value for money are attributes that have given AEL the capability to design and produce best in class products that combine simplicity, functionality and practicality.

Our uPVC profiles are extruded using raw materials that are mixed as per our unique and proprietary formulation. Our uPVC profiles can be recycled easily, reducing the consumption of raw materials, energy and as yet another eco-friendly measure to reduce the impact of construction industry on the environment.

Aparna Enterprises Limited

Our uPVC products are based on a carefully designed and innovative profile concept. This concept allows for many different window & door designs – Casement, Sliding, Slide & Fold (doors), Tilt & Turn (window), Villa window, combination of door and window, Arch window and Fixed Window.

Our uPVC profiles are fusion welded, to ensure there are no air gap and do not break due to high pressure wind conditions. This high quality, precision binding of the frames helps ensure interiors are free from dust, noise and water ingress. To increase the strength, strong metal reinforcements are used inside uPVC profiles. These reinforcements are also made in-house.

Our company adopt customer-centricity as a primary driver and builds trust and loyalty of customers, and also a solid reputation as the “go to people” for building material products. We focus on providing a positive customer experience in order to drive profits and gain a competitive advantage. This is our way of doing business and we have leveraged this approach successfully for the past 30 years.

Aparna Enterprises Limited

Aparna Enterprises Limited

Technology Adaptation: What kind of innovative technologies has the brand applied to

a) Its Product/Service Innovation b) Branding and Marketing Innovations.

The ceramic plant of Vitero tiles is powered with equipment from SACMI, the Italian technology partner. It focuses on environment friendly processes, energy efficiency and conservation of natural resources.

Vitero tiles are manufactured using advanced feeding system, completed with nanotech coating to produce highest quality Double charged tiles, Digital wall tiles, Glazed Vitrified tiles and Full body tiles. This factory has one of the largest and sophisticated kilns in India. This 265 mt. long SACMI kiln is one of the longest in South India.

We have taken backward integration measures in our tile manufacturing process by acquiring the capability to produce 70 % of raw material required to produce tiles

in-house. This factor not only enables consistent quality but also ensures continuous availability of raw materials in their purest form.

By using advanced digital printing technology we are able to offer our glazed vitrified tiles customers with almost any texture and finish they like — wood, marble, slate or bamboo — making our tiles the most customizable and more functional on the market.

Most of our machinery is designed to deliver product quality that exceed stringent European product standards and produce products that deliver world-class performance even in extreme weather and operating conditions.

We have put in place fully computerised ready mix concrete production plants to deliver consistent quality, customised concrete mix solutions along with round-the-clock service

to the customer. This service is unmatched.

Aparna Enterprises Limited

Key Brand Building Strategies followed by the Brand.

Most important component of our brand strategy is maintaining a cohesive messaging and a unified brand voice. Keeping a holistic approach to strategy development, we guide all of our brand building efforts to engage audiences and drive sales.

Public Relations is an effective way to manage reputation, establish thought leadership, and push appropriate content. By clearly defining our target audiences, we identify the reporters, analysts and social influencers our customers follow. We lock into emerging trends in the industry sectors we serve. When a topic becomes relevant and aligns with our business goals, we reach out to media contacts and offer our key executives as a source.

We leverage digital marketing to elevate our brand strategy, and make it effective and reach our target audience in a more cost-effective manner.  We create ongoing content and resources like white papers, blog posts and thought leadership content that we use to position our brand as an expert in the field. For instance, when we develop product e-catalogues and brochures, we make it downloadable on our website and capture visitor contact information to build our email marketing and prospect lists. We also promote blogs and articles through social media campaigns and remarketing.

Aparna Enterprises Limited

We use Social Media to share corporate perspectives and engage with influencers and prospects on a more personal level. We don’t try to be everywhere at once, but focus on two or three most important channels and build a robust presence with useful, relevant content that generates followers and makes them come back for more.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. What has been the core strategies of retaining customers?

Customer-centricity is what drives our business.  We find new ways to ensure customers get the help and information they need. We achieve this by keeping track of changing needs and offering relevant products designed to fulfill them.

We show we care: When customers see that we actually care about their experience, they come back. When we provide a personalized experience and follow it up with a fantastic customer service they not only come back but also refer us to their friends

Staying Competitive in The Digital Age: We differentiate our business and brands from the other companies by being customer centric on the Internet as well. Be very responsive, when customers send us a message on social media, we make it point to get back ASAP. We use technology for the benefit of our customers.

We Are All In It Together: Customer Centricity is among the easiest ways to get everyone within our company involved. When everyone works towards the same goal, improving customer’s experience becomes a reality.  A living business you like to experience again and again.

Take everything To Heart: Customer centricity is not just to make a customer happy. It comes alive when you listen to what customers are saying about our products and service. Helping us to read between the lines and interpret their concerns. It also lets our customers realize that we take them seriously. And why we set about finding ways to use that feedback to improve and innovate our operations. We let our customers know how their feedback will be used to deliver better and help move the company a notch higher.

Finding More Ways To Improve Customer Centricity: Our aim is to finding new ways to ensure customers get the service they need and not just what is promised. It helps us when we keep track of the changing customer needs and puts in a position to innovate and offer relevant products. It helps us improve product delivery and drives us to ensure on-time fulfillment of a project installation.

3 Winning Business Strategies

The way we deliver our specific combination of product, service, and price makes our business unique and compelling in an ever-diverse and discerning marketplace. We have mastered the art of optimizing and adjusting them to compete very successfully.

Winning Products: This is all about products we deliver to the market place. We create differentiation through perceptions about quality, value, features, and functions. Unlike others, we invest a great deal of time and resources to arrive at an effective and doable product strategy. We offer world-class products that are of superior quality and bring benefit-rich features to deliver value for money throughout the product life cycle.

Service strategy: We define the level of support our customers must get at all times. Like the quality of our products, our service proposition  exceeds their expectations. Customer experience defines brand differentiation and it comes about through the quality of the exceptional service. This is a strategic decision and attracts more clientele and helps retain them for years to come.

Pricing strategy: We don’t compete on price, our strategy is to deliver a superior product, and back it up with extraordinary support service at a very cost-effective price. You will not find our products at bargain-basement price. Our strategy is tipped toward an emphasis on outstanding product and exceptional service differentiation.

The Philanthropic and Social Branding Initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility is extremely important to our organization. It’s a reflection of who we are and what we believe in and how we achieve our goals; and the core values we have built our business on.

An example of this is our CSR initiative that focuses on orphaned children and the elderly. AEL helped set up ANSWER, an acronym for Aparna Novel Society for Welfare and Research, in May, 2009.

The aim of ANSWER is to cater to all the basic needs of selected children — a healthy diet, clothing, bedding, health care, education and an opportunity and facility for a well-rounded growth.

List  Employee Branding activities that Connects the Brand with its Employees.

Work-life Balance: We create an environment where our workforce feels connected to the organization and has a positive work experiences that lead to a richer and more fulfilling life. Like one big family, we engage the workforce to remain competitive, because it’s no longer sufficient for it to just focus solely on benefits.

Sharing The Big Picture: One of the most effective ways we found is our focus on sharing clear and frequent communication on company happenings, individual and department direction, and big-picture company direction. You will be surprised by the kind of difference this makes to their sense of involvement.

Everything Upfront: Our desire to understand employee concerns works for us. This leads to actionable initiatives that have a positive impact. We are transparent by sharing company performance with our workforce at all levels. Sharing not just our successes, but also addressing areas that need improvement.

Creating Career Pathways: We look forward to our regular career-planning sessions, and extend appropriate developmental support, such as training opportunities and career mentoring and role re-defining. We make sure every member is made aware of the different types of career paths available within the company

Creating +VE Impact: We make it a point to publicly acknowledge accomplishments and reward excellence. We also help employees to grow and develop, whether by taking on new responsibilities or challenges, taking courses to learn new skills

Right People, Bright Futures: We look for and hire people who share the operational values of our organization from the outset. Test for fit early, and allow growth opportunities to express that value. Our team members are consistently rewarded with higher-value projects following a constructive initiative.

Always Grateful: Having a positive culture encourages teamwork and communication. We increase engagement and opportunities for teammates to learn from each other. Recognize a job well done. More important, we found dispensing social currency to be a highly valued incentive.

About Aparna Enterprises Limited

Aparna Enterprises Limited (AEL) is a part of the highly successful Aparna Group. Founded in the year 1990, AEL prides in being a leading supplier of building materials in India through a range of products, such as RMC (ready-mix concrete), uPVC Window and Door Systems, uPVC Profiles, Tiles, Sanitary Ware & Kitchens, Aluminium Window & Door Systems and Facades & Exteriors. Associated with several landmark projects for over 3 decades, AEL is globally renowned for setting benchmarks in technology, research, design, and quality.

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