KS Balakrishna Setty

An exceptional growing company driven by an exceptional leader, KS Balakrishna Setty, Shrinivas Sugandhalaya has reinvented multiple systems and processes that drive the company

What the primary cash cow brands of the company.

The name of Company i.e., Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (BNG) LLP has become a top selling Brand in the world market because of its high adherence of standard in all its Products aimed at full Customer satisfaction & all our products are environmental friendly.

Typically what is the management principle on which the company foundations are laid?

  • Starting from the M.D. to the workers, the single Management Principle is Do your duty diligently without fear & favour & fruits of your labour will follow automatically.
Nag Champa Incense

Mention 5 most critical success factors of the company in order of importance.

  • Management qualification
  • Knowledge of the Market
  • Lines of Products & Services
  • Distribution & Logistics 
  • Relationship with suppliers
Shrinivas Sugandhalaya
Satya Sandalwood Incense

What is the defining organisational philosophy?

As Alexander Dumas stated “One for all & all for One” what I earn is for you & what you earn is for me also…

How does your company create value for consumers? 

Recognising the need for our Products which are totally environment friendly in the market & giving them full satisfaction with our strict adherence to quality & keeping our prices competitive.

What is the most significant achievement of the company in the last financial year? 

  • Our Company has been awarded for “OUTSTANDING EXPORT PERFORMANCE IN MICRO ENTERPRISES (MANUFACTURING) in the year 2020 by the Government of India, Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises.
  • We have bagged the State Award “THE BEST MANUFACTURER EXPORTER AWARD 2020” bestowed by Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Mention 5 Strategies that fortify the Image of the company with its Share Holders and Consumers.

  • Reliability of the same quality of products continuously even though hand-rolled and hand made.
  • Adherence to delivery commitments.
  • Continuous personal engagement by the promoters with the customers and Vendors and creating a warm feeling throughout of an extended family.
  • Company participates in all major International Trade Fairs in India and other countries where customers are invited to update them on latest additions to the products and they also come and get the feeling of response from those attend.

State some redefining Management Principles that the company has applied in the recent times.

  • Paid full salary to all employees as usual on time during Covid Lockdown without waiting for Government’s instructions.
  • Strictly complied with local Government’s guidelines on thermal checking, sanitizing of all employees daily and all those who come for delivery etc. Obtaining all clearances from local Government authorities to run the factory as per the guidelines.
  • Ensuring delivery of customer’s orders effectively in spite of various constraints.
  • Ensuring payment of statutory dues on time without availing extended due dates announced by the Government.
  • COVID Test was conducted to all our Management Team, Corporate Staff & Workers
  • Shifts were conducted daily for the employees to work keeping strict adherence to the Social distancing, to meet the delivery & completing the orders in time.

Esprit de Corps: What employee motivation and principles make the company strong? What methods and principles are kept in mind?

  • We believe in the Principle “ONE FOR ALL & ALL FOR ONE” a productive & satisfied worker is the best management tool to keep the Company not only Strong but also to improvise & progress further. The whole workforce from the M.D., Corporate Staff & the workers are one family when it comes to keep the Company progressing.

Mention the Corporate Social Responsibilities undertaken by the company in recent times.

The Firm does not come under the Government rules under Corporate Social Responsibilities.

  • Free Distribution of Rain Coats, Hand Gloves & Masks to the Traffic Police of Local Police Station
  • Donation of OT equipment for Cancer Clinic, who also treat the Cancer patients as a Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • In addition, distribution of Umbrellas to our workers to brave the Monsoon Season
  • Rice Bags are distributed free of cost twice a week to the remote villagers for their consumption.
  • During the Car festival of the Managing Director’s native village 3000 people are fed free of cost & the entire festivities are borne by the Managing Director as it has been a custom from times in memory.
  • Apart from these to philanthropic steps taken, every year during famous Diwali festival all the workers, Corporate Staff are not only given their Bonus, but also a very useful household utility articles including clothing for the men & women are distributed free of cost as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Realising value of education & literacy the Company is sponsoring money towards educational needs like books, scholarship & other important needs for needy students.
  • Donation of Rs. 60000/- is given to Plan India every year as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility

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