Ram Movva Securin Inc

In the age of digital connectivity, the importance of robust cybersecurity measures cannot be overstated. At the forefront of the battle against cyber threats is Ram Movva, a visionary leader and the co-founder of Securin Inc. Selected as WCRCINT World’s Best Emerging Leader, Movva’s journey in the realm of tech enabled cybersecurity solutions has not only showcased his commitment to safeguarding digital landscapes but has also positioned Securin Inc as a trailblazer in the industry.

Ram Movva’s foray into the world of cybersecurity solutions was motivated by a deep understanding of the evolving threat landscape and the need for proactive defense mechanisms. Co-founding Securin Inc was a response to the growing challenges posed by cybercriminals, and Movva’s vision was clear – to create innovative solutions that fortify digital ecosystems against ever-evolving threats.

Under Movva’s leadership, Securin Inc has emerged as a dynamic force in the cybersecurity domain. The company’s portfolio reflects Movva’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve, offering cutting-edge solutions that address the sophisticated tactics employed by cyber adversaries. Whether it’s threat intelligence, advanced analytics, or proactive risk management, Securin Inc’s approach under Movva’s guidance has been nothing short of pioneering.

A distinguishing factor in Ram Movva’s leadership is his emphasis on collaboration and information sharing within the cybersecurity community. Recognizing that cyber threats are borderless and impact organizations globally, Movva actively engages in partnerships and initiatives that foster collective defense. By promoting a culture of collaboration, he contributes not only to the success of Securin Inc but also to the overall resilience of the cybersecurity ecosystem.

Movva’s commitment to ethical and responsible cybersecurity practices is evident in Securin Inc’s mission. The company not only develops state-of-the-art solutions but also emphasizes the importance of transparency, compliance, and ethical considerations in the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity. Movva’s advocacy for responsible cybersecurity aligns with the broader industry shift towards ensuring the ethical use of technology for the greater good.

As a thought leader in cybersecurity, Ram Movva actively participates in industry conferences, forums, and discussions on the future of digital security. His insights into emerging threats, technological trends, and best practices contribute to shaping the narrative of cybersecurity on a global scale. Movva’s influence extends beyond the success of Securin Inc; he is an advocate for raising the collective cybersecurity posture and awareness.

In a world where digital threats are omnipresent, Ram Movva stands as a guardian of digital fortresses, leading Securin Inc in the charge against cyber adversaries. His strategic vision, commitment to innovation, and advocacy for ethical cybersecurity practices position Movva as a driving force in securing the digital landscapes of the future. Securin Inc, under his leadership, not only safeguards organizations but also contributes to the broader mission of creating a secure and resilient digital world.

In conversation with Ram Movva, Chairman and Co Founder, Securin Inc

What makes a reliable and trustworthy business leader?

Accountability (taking ownership) and Transparency (with employees, partners, customers, etc. all stakeholders)

How have you strategised and adopted to the digital transformations globally?

We are no different from a typical software company. But the digital transformation has propelled everyone to think about cyber security.

What are the clear changes that you have made to your journey in the last decade?

Decade is a long time, we made many changes. Let me pick tech, we had to think beyond on-prem, outsource non core functions to domain experts throughout. Just because we are a bunch of software engineers, we did not try to solve every software problem.

Ram Movva Securin Inc
Ram Movva, Chairman and Co Founder, Securin Inc awarded World’s Best Emerging Leader at the House of Lords in London. Seen in the picture alongwith Ram Movva, Baroness Sandip Verma and Baroness Pola Uddin.

What is the current vision and mission at your current role?

Vision and mission is to make cyber security accessible and affordable.

How do you draw a balance between target orientation and empathetic and compassionate leadership?

It is easy, I look at it from an impact perspective. Would it impact revenue or a customer? If it does, then have a backup plan. And that does not happen very often. No one can give their best under stress. I always want everyone to enjoy their work and provide the best environment for them to contribute.

What has been your greatest strength and weakness in the context of leadership?

Greatest strength is that at all times I was positive and never displayed any form of visible stress to anyone. Weakness is figuring out exactly when to allow others to start making decisions.

What has been your driving force or philosophy in life?

Driving force is hunger for success. Philosophy is to be realistic, fear failure and never give up.

How do you plan to drive your business at a global level at your current role?

Invest time in multiple global hyper scaler partnerships.

Your top leadership goals during tough times?

Be transparent with all stakeholders and define the basics and stick to them.

Your greatest success mantras?

Stay positive and be persistent if you believe in it.

How actively have you been personally involved with corporate social responsibilities? What have you felt driving societal responsibilities?

Very active. As founders we always believed in giving back. We give back $100k every year to various charitable organizations

What’s your vision for the industry and the Indian economy?

World over the cyber security space is going to witness exponential growth. It is a very subjective question, according to me the Indian economy will do well. World economy is a topic I always like to listen to and learn.

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