Syam P Prabhu

Selected as WCRCINT Transformational Leader 2023, Syam P Prabhu, Founder and CEO of Aurion FZE is changing industry dynamics and instilling confidence in teams and consumers alike.

Syam P Prabhu, Founder & CEO, Aurion FZE

What makes a reliable and trustworthy business leader?

Delivery of promises and instilling confidence among the team is sine qua non to be a reliable and trustworthy business leader.

How have you re strategized and adopted to the digital transformations globally?

The world is advancing at a rapid pace on the technology front. For Businesses to stay competitive in the market, adopting digital transformation is an essential aspect. I have adopted to centrally controlled Customer Relations Management System for automated inquiry handling, and a Cyber Secure environment for the employees to work in peace. Our state-of-the-art Information Management System will ensure all client and company information is secure from all points. 

What are the clear changes that you have made to your journey in the last decade?

The world entered a ‘recession’ and ‘pandemic’ during the last decade. As the saying goes: In every adversity, there is an opportunity. A cat pulls herself back before the leap. We made the recession period to prepare, equip and sharpen our skills. We could deliver the best soon after the recession and become the most sought-after consulting company in Dubai. The Pandemic resulted in simplifying the work process of a professional and thereby enabling them to do more work in less time.

What is the current vision and mission at your current role?

I stand by our Motto -Trust, Excellence, and Delivery. My mission is to spread AURION to over 50 countries by way of franchise Agreements. We are in the process of finalizing the agreements.

How do you draw a balance between target orientation and empathetic and compassionate leadership?

A judicious balance between target and an empathetic attitude is required to strike the equilibrium in business. Building confidence among the team is the most important factor for the stability of the company. The growth of a company can be achieved by the quality and confidence of its employees.

What has been your greatest strength and weakness in context of leadership?

“Knowledge is power”. My greatest strength is the knowledge in the work we do. I am a Post Graduate in Law and very well conversant with all the legislations in the UAE. Sometimes my compassionate nature towards employees is my weakness.

What has been your driving force or philosophy in life?

Our Motto-Trust, Excellence, and Delivery (TED). It means `Trust of clients, Excellence in work and Delivery of promises’. Success is assured if the above principles are observed without any compromise.

How do you plan to drive your business at a global level at your current role?

Expand Aurion to more than 50 countries by the way of Franchise Agreements. 

Your top leadership goals during tough times?

Reliability, consistency, and persistence in work and instilling confidence in the team. 

Your greatest success mantras?

Our Motto – Trust, Excellence, and Delivery. An urgency in getting things done gives you SUCCESS. The attitude of aggressiveness is important for scaling greater heights. 

How actively have you been personally involved with corporate social responsibilities? What have you felt driving societal responsibilities?

On the Corporate Social Responsibility front, I have been actively involved in educating more than 150 children from the coastal area in Alappuzha, Kerala. Also, during the Pandemic, treatment for the needy was arranged in the state of Kerala. 

  A Post graduate in law from University of Kerala and having rich experience in the field of international consulting and incorporation of Companies. He is a recipient of an Honorary Doctorate in Law for his exceptional contribution to the field of Law. He assisted in establishing more than 5800 companies in various UAE Free Zones and offshore jurisdictions within a span of 15 years. He has a Good knowledge of the Commercial Company laws of UAE, Rules, and Regulations of tax havens across the globe, and also has excellent Public Relations with leading Banks in UAE to open corporate and personal accounts for the clients. He is a hardcore professional with good legal drafting skills and a Winner of several awards and recognitions.  COMPANY  AURION FZE – Headquarters, Sharjah Airport Freezone, Sharjah, UAE  AURION FZE – Branch – Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai, UAE  LOCATION  DUBAI:  Office #213& 214, Bldg 6EA, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai, UAE.  SHARJAH:  Office Z #02 & 03(formerly HSBC bank office), Sharjah Airport Free Zone, UAE.

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