Spykar Denim: Catch them young and Watch them Grow.

With Innovation, functional and emotional experiential positioning, Spykar is one of the most prefered Denim brands in the country. A brand that has been driven by a energising and strong willed personality.



What would you define as the unique value proposition of the product: the functional, emotional and differentiating product benefits that have contributed to providing an enduring brand experience to customers?


Spykar is renowned for offering superior products since the last 26 years of its inception. We therefore have excellent customer retention and repeat purchase frequency. We focus on every detail of the fabric, style, quality and construction techniques. Overall the workmanship is given primary importance.  

Our latest denim product launch GYMJNS incorporates four-way super stretch denim fabric. With ergonomic patterning and construction which provides extra flexibility and comfort to the wearer.  This versatile denim range with sporty styling has established a new category in Ath-leisure wear.

Spykar Denim


Spykar is India’s only fashion denim brand for the youth. Designed with the use of Innovative laser techniques, contemporary washes, trendy distress and unique detailing the brand offers fashion that’s at par with the international preferences. There are 3 categories of denims designed for personal choices- Purist- styled for the more classic shopper, Actif-styled for the wild and restless, flamboyant individual and the YnR range created for the global trend setter. 


 Differentiating product benefits

 The Spykar promise rests on the delivering Fashion with a personalized fit. Designed exclusively for the Indian torso, Spykar fits and fashion are legendary amongst the denim shoppers of India.

A recent study by Nielsen is a testimony of the equity Spykar has gained –

Spykar is the 2nd most preferred denim brand

* in the age group of 18-35 years basis a study conducted by Nielsen across 1272 respondents in India


What are the physical, characters and personality attributes of the brand that have evoked and inspired consumers’ self-expression and personal identity?

 The Brand Identity Prism for Spykar is strong and relatable. The Physical dimension consists of the following attributes:  – Young, masculine, functional, street wear

Character – earnest, strong willed, positive, curious, explorative  

Personality – fashionable, inspiring, restless, positive, fun, fun loving, Witty, Extrovert. A Maverick personality.

A brand that occupies a unique space in the hearts of the young & restless – Spykar celebrates this quirky generation’s passion for all things that are in constant, ever-changing excitement


An insight into the brand marketing strategies that have effectively penetrated consumers’ psyche, established a meaningful relationship with the target audiences and ensured positive brand perception.

 Since its early days, Spykar has forged early relationships with the youth. It believes in the ‘Catch them young and watch them grow’ philosophy. To an early advantage, Spykar uses the below strategies to connect with its audiences.

Early engagement with the youth: at college festivals, youth festivals across India. 50 colleges per annum.

 Association with Iconic Properties: Sponsored the IPL team Rising Pune Supergiant for two seasons. A strategic win for Spykar – The energy, exuberance, youthfulness was at par for the brand and the team.

 Partnered with Global Citizen India, a social action platform that wants to solve the world’s biggest challenges – in sync with Spykar’s vision to mobilize youth and support sustainable developmental goals.


Artist Association: Collaborated with Brodha V, an acclaimed rap artist, to create a Young and Restless anthem for the Brand that embodies the spirit of the generation that lives life at their own terms. Set in a catchy, snappy and melodious tune, the song is a mix of rap and melody, appealing to all music lovers.  Fast meets Festive youth content creators and collaborators.

Ongoing Advertising: Consistently creating recall and capturing the young and restless vibe in the communication.


How has the brand extended its presence to the frontiers of Internet advertising and social networking? What is the level of significance the brand accords to utilizing social media as a competitive edge?


Spykar, being India’s fashion denim brand for the young and restless, has the prerogative of establishing a connect with the youth and digitally native Gen Z.  Hence use of digital media is of paramount importance to our marketing objectives. to the brand.


Instagram serves as a fashion catalogue, FB allows the brand reach to extend to new frontiers. Through Google Display Network, we have been able to reach relevant marketing environments

Since 2015-16 Thus, the brand uses social media to trigger conversations and do fashion showcases. Spykar collaborates with internet influencers to optimize on their credibility -and build reach. Likewise, other catchments such as our website, OTT platforms and youtube are maximized.

 30% of the marketing budgets are for digital spends.

             # MoveslikeYnR

 The campaign by Spykar sets a rhythm by introducing Dance Challenge with a specially designed YnR mascot who resembles the young and restless attitude of the youth of today. The challenge is to have the youth match the steps of the dancing mascot. Spearheaded by internet sensations, the campaign witnessed a positive response and took over social media, encouraging the youth icons of India to share their moves and challenge their friends to do the same.

The activity was a clear resemblance of the pulse of the brand and the rhythm of the entire collection.

 #BlueFilmFestival   A  quirky  and edgy way to launch the digital video catalogue of Spykar’s Winter collection. A right balance between product showcasing and sensuousness left enough for the audience’s imagination!

  # DenimSideup

The campaign “Denim Side Up” talks about a way of life where you highlight your most authentic, original self, unafraid. Denims see you at your best, at your worst and at your everyday selves. Spykar Denims encourage you and inspires you to embrace & flaunt that side without a single care. 

  #GymJns  The campaign showcases the launch of the first of its kind athleisure denims which offer the users a seamless switch from fitness to leisure without ever having to change the outfit!  The first stage was the teaser stage wherein the brand name was kept under wraps. The idea was to familiarize the users with the term GYMJNS and create curiosity. The influencers shared what they thought GYMJNS could be and asked their fans to guess what they thought about this unique term. With all sorts of guesses pouring,  #GYMJNS was made a great buzz.  Later the reveal stage saw popular social media influencers show their #BeExtraa side by doing various rigorous activities like exercise, dance, stretching among others, showcasing the amazing attributes of this innovative product with innovative dumbbell packaging. The campaign got an overwhelming response and amazing traction.

       Fast Meets Festive

               At the onset of Kolkata’s biggest festival of the year, Durga Puja – Spykar announced its brand campaign named #FASTMEETSFESTIVE specially targeting the millennial of the city. The montage film for Spykar brings together four talented & influential faces in Kolkata – Suyasha Sengupta, a singer and musician, Chitrangada Chakraborty an actor & photographer, Sambit Chatterjee a drummer and musician, and Ayushman Mitra, an artist & entrepreneur doing what they do best in their own spheres. 

Underlined by an edgy soundtrack, the film follows the path of these four youngsters in various corners of Kolkata as they play their music, paint their canvas, and capture poignant moments. Filled with colours, the film goes to the very core of the festive restlessness that they create by being entirely themselves. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and the trendy Autumn-Winter collection by Spykar with panache. The collection fills a void for outdoor enthusiasts and speaks loud & clear that freedom is bold and adventurous just as the millennial of the country.


What is the key leadership values that drives the brand? 

 Integrity & commitment towards the brand & the people working for it – both for internal & external stakeholders. Team work is given great emphasis by leadership as no one person wins or loses at Spykar. – team in place for the last 25 years. Innovation & creativity is encouraged at all levels to get the “young & restless” soul of the brand. There is empathy for people, encouragement to the millennial for growth and performance. Due respect is given to the senior experienced pillars of the team who have shown resilience and created bedrock for the brand to further thrive on.

 What type of employee satisfaction programs are conducted by your brand?

 At Spykar we believe in creating a ‘Happy workplace’ through our rational & emotional engagement initiatives to achieve fully engaged,satisfied and committed workforce.  

 We work consciously on four aspects to achieve this. By knowing them through our various ‘Spykar Connect programs’ starting from the time they join the company and all through their journey with Spykar. By Growing them through our various ‘Learning & development Programs’ both functional & behavioural. By Involving them through our employee well-being, employee brand connect , Funpills & Inclusion Initiatives under ‘Spykar beyond work’, ‘Spykar Cares’ & ‘My Spykar’. Programs where we establish an emotional connect of our employee with the Brand Spykar. By rewarding them through monetary & non-monetary appreciation boards.

How much does your brand emphasise on employee training & development, kindly elaborate. (Abha Shared)

 Since the culture of any organisation defines the brand personality, the emphasis is on ensuring that each employee is aware of Spykar’s core values both at the employee & the organization level.

Innovation, quality orientation, ownership & commitment are few aspects around which the training revolves. Along with the regular must-do like the product training with the changing seasons, the VM training & customer experience orientation training is done primarily through the online Wooqer tool for all the front-end associates & the Sales Supervisors. 

 Likewise, the company organizes certification programs to upscale the employees in their respective domains to ensure they are at par with the industry requirements.

 What are the core competencies of the brand

 Fashion Edge: Keeping up with the ever-changing dynamics of the global fashion industry, the collection exudes an individualistic and contemporary style. This coupled with great fits and quality has delivered great results for the brand.

 Distribution: a pan India reach across all sales formats. Present in 350 cities across 240 exclusive brand outlets, 1200+ multi brand touch points, marketplace and our own webstore.

 Great Trade Partnership of 26 years : The trade is completely aligned and shares a great bond with the brand.

 People Management: The core team, that build the brand is with Spykar now for more than 20 years. Their wisdom coupled with the millennial workforce’s energy and fresh ideas has led the brand on the upward trajectory.


 How has the brand derived strength from innovation as a sustainable differentiating strategy adding to long-term brand equity? Please provide a few instances of measures implemented towards this goal.

Innovation is one of the core values that the brand thrives on.

Innovation at various levels- product level and technique level.

 At Spykar we use latest technology and material innovations for product development. Apart from making trendy products, team focuses on ethical sourcing and sustainable developments. Along with the look, and comfort, sustainability is of prime importance. Use of material and techniques, which gives an outstanding product with latest innovations in the field of apparel development.  Products are made using environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw materials.  Recycled cotton, less water washes and technological dry processes such as use of laser techniques are some of these found in our collections.  Minimal waste production is of great focus at Spykar. Utilizing the raw material to the fullest and reducing waste is another initiative taken by product development team.


Vintage Denims (in production) – The range is a blend of precise craftsmanship, great skills and a lot of persistence. Treated with authentic techniques to get the used, mended and long preserved look. It has gone through various dry and wet processes to get natural fading, nicking at the edges, different levels of abrasions and distress vintage effects of an 18 years old jeans.


Gym Jns – are first of its kind Athleisure denims launched by Spykar. Designed for the outrageously stylish fitness enthusiast, it has a ‘4-Way Dynamic Stretch’ and ‘Ergonomic construction’, thereby offering  the user unrestricted freedom of movement. Available for men and women, this denim is ideal for those who like to pack their day with many exciting things including work-outs. These pair of Spykar GymJns are super comfortable and stretchy with a great fit and sporty styling. With Spykar GymJns you can seamlessly switch from fitness to leisure to fun without ever having to change your outfit.


YnR- range –  Spykar launched a specially curated denim range inspired by global trends. This trendy range is a celebration of individualistic styles with their subtle nuances. Here the name denotes it’s the now Young and restless generation and the most current fashion prevalent in the world around.  This line will ensure Spykar is at the cutting edge of trends in denim – be it fits, washes, treatments or concepts. 


5 most critical success factors of the brand in order of importance and kindly elaborate the same


Great product – Known for offering high fashion apparel at par with the global trends coupled with superior fabric and great fits

 Reach – A pan India presence through physical stores across all sales formats, the market place and web-store, the brand has saliency across the country

Pricing – Premium quality fashion at attractive price points

 Consistent positioning – Youth and Fashion being the core of the brand – we have been persistent about offering denim-centric premium quality fashion at attractive prices to the urban youth

People – Trade and Core Teams 26 years- respected brand name . Seasoned mentors coupled with young professionals with great ideas and amazing energy levels has been pivotal at Spykar.


Company Vision:  To be the most sought after denim centric brand in the country for complete casual wear needs of a youth.

 Company Mission:  To provide a complete casual wear wardrobe to a trendy youth with attractive price points and great quality.

 Ethos of the brand: Young And Restless

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