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The Great Brands India Certification 2019

Every year more than 1000 brands apply for the Great Brands Certification and Marketing Features. The Great Brand Content and Marketing strategies have helped brands position their brand story giving consumers a massive confidence in the brand.

Great Brands Certified

Why get the Great Brands India Certification?

GREAT BRANDS certification, brand recognition and media content maximisers to maximise your brand and marketing credentials. A mix of top quality Content creation and promotion through Broadcast, Digital and Online Media. Prime Feature in top Broadcast Channel in an interview format of Episode Series: Great Brands India. A certification and recognition that helps your brand market to its consumers more credibly. A story share in the biggest business magazine in the country. A social media blast to reach out to your target market.

For the Brands, the Great Brands certification represents the most definitive brand recognition in the country. Great Brands Certification helps a brand know the pulse of its consumers and  communicate its content in a precise and well crafted manner. The assessment process with consumers reveals key factors about the brand. Brands can communicate its Great Brand status with its consumers, employees, stake holders through our Global Standard Certification and Awards, our special badges and marketing communications PACK. The content developed for portal, magazine, TV and social media act as a special image booster for all brands certified as GREAT BRANDS 2019.

Apply to learn detailed benefits, Research Report and media channels offered. Features in TV Channel details, Business Magazine, PR Plan and other details.*

The Great Brands India Certified Market Leadership

  1. Global Brands Category: Brands over 10 years and over Rs. 1000 Crores Revenue. National and International presence.
  2. National Great Brands: Less than Rs. 1000 Crores Revenue. National presence.
  3. Regional Great Brands: Market Leaders in a particular region and category in the country.
  1. Certification and award of the titular category of Great Brands help in consumer trust and employee morale boost.
  2. Maximised effect on marketing communications through the usage of the Brand Logo of GREAT BRANDS India
  3. Online Brand Story that directly acts as PR boost and consumer and employee booster.
  4. TV episode that captures the essence of the brand and communicates vision and execution.
  5. Social media to boost communication and marketing capabilities of the brand directly with consumers.
  6. Feature in global top business magazine acts as a huge brand fortifier.
  1. Evaluation with the consumers, share holders, company about the brand.
  2. Over 50,000 touchpoints evaluation
  3. Rigorous Brand Evaluation process that declares monthly, quarterly and annual winners and their position.
  4. Category specific positions and communications
  5. Handover of certification, brand logo rights and award.
  6. Feature in TV Channel, Online Portal, Annual Publication, Social Media and Business Magazine.
  7. Handover of Assessment report.
  8. Invitation to the annual conclave of Great Brands India.
  9. Networking, Business Expansions and Ideas Sharing at the National Conclave.

Feature in the annual edition of World’s Leading Reports that is distributed globally to key decision makers, influencers and stake holders. Showcase your content and share your story with the world

Communicate with your consumers, employees, stakeholders and investors with confidence and assured results. The GREAT BRANDS logo on the marketing communications, packaging, stationery and advertising boosts company credentials.

Share the brand attributes, values and vision in India’s top business TV Channel, Global Topmost Business Magazine, Global leading content aggregation portal, social media and direct PR releases promoting the brand as GREAT BRANDS by World’s Leading Reports


Great Brands Feature: TAFE

Great Brands Feature: Shriram Group

Great Brands Feature: Anchor by Panasonic

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Apply for the GREAT BRANDS 2019 Certified

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Great Brands Certified

Great Brands Certified

All listing of category leaders would be presented on from June 1, 2019.

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