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Selected as India’s Most Valuable Workplace 2021-2022 in the mid size segment of companies, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions is an employee friendly company with a massive focus on client satisfaction and target orientations.

In Conversation with Abhinav Arora, CEO, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions (EOS)

Abhinav Arora, Chief Executive Officer, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions

Led under the able leadership of Abhinav Arora, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions has been setting industry benchmarks since its inception. It has been possible due to a great focus on skilful manpower deployment, robust strategies and a synchronised work effort between its leadership and workforce.

Key Employee Motivation Policies

We always strive to find out how to inspire employees and increase their engagement, thus crafted motivational policies. We inspire them to show up to work each day and work effectively throughout the working hours.

Trust is a Key:

Trust is the most vital aspect of any business and is an ongoing process. Employees want to feel confident that their supervisor will be looking onto their interests and motivate them to achieve their goals. 

ER focuses both on individual and collective relationships in the workplace and follows a systematic process. Any concern raised, it is initially verified, categorised, prioritised and then proceeds to the leadership team to resolve it. In order to close loop the same, ER team also accords employee’s satisfaction to the resolution given leading to a cultural shift. 

Career Development:

Employees are much more likely to achieve their targets, if it means that a career advancement lies ahead of them. This is a constant process of motivating employees by ensuring there are avenues and opportunities for them to excel in their professional lives, which also makes them feel that they are valued. We have many employees in the organisation today whose success stories of more than 15 years in the organisation act as inspirations for others. 


The simple act of appreciating employees and recognizing their efforts can do wonders for their motivation. As humans, we like to hear what we are doing is appreciated and it creates a sense of accomplishment. In turn, this motivates us to keep excelling higher. 


We work on an incentive system to reward employees for their exceptional and hard work. We also reward performance in line with the achievement of specific goals. One of the most effective ways to motivate employees is the opportunity to earn a “badge” taking up specific assignments.

Smaller Goals:

We have Employees Amateur strata of age group 18-25 years, thus the KPIs are set strategically to help them in breaking lofty company goals into smaller daily tasks. It motivates employees to perform beyond expectations and within deadlines. Our organisational level RNR programs are for appreciating employees’ performance and motivating them to outperform!

Eureka Outsourcing Solutions

Espirit de Corps – How does the management ensure fair and equal treatment to its employees

We believe in a fair and equal treatment of employees at work that builds trust, boosts morale, increases loyalty and productivity. In contrast, discrimination in favor of one group can cause anger and resentment towards those who are favored and also towards the employer. A determination to ensure fair treatment in the workplace improves the image of the business and aids in the recruitment of the best talent.  We have work from anywhere policy for employees so that they can maintain work-life-balance and improve their productivity and this also ensures their safety until they have completed their dual vaccination. 

We plan strategies to achieve fairness in the workplace that include clearly defined expectations of fairness. We also have all the policies that are well-written and which promote fair and equitable practices, consistent application of the rules. We follow effective methods like Internal Job Postings and uniform policies laid down for all employees. 

Suggest few methods that ensure employee and management trust and admiration?

Open Door Policy

At EOS, we have an open door policy according to which every employee can reach out to management at any point of time. There is a defined process but no restrictions for anyone to reach out to the management personnel for any kind of discomfort, complaint, or suggestion. This type of policy is admirable and improves trust within employees towards their management and organization. 

Corporate Ethics & Code of Conduct : 

Eureka Outsourcing Solutions Private Limited adheres to the laws of the Government of India. While observing its Ethics and Code of Conduct, it also ensures that the business operations are conducted in a professional manner and crucial information doesn’t divulge out to third person.

In case of any  violations of the company policies are identified, the company as well as those who work on behalf of or for the Company may be subject to investigations or prosecution as per the law of the land and policies laid down by the organization. In order to encourage the most ethical standards, EOS ensures that its workplace facilitates the disclosure of possible infractions that may be in violation of Company policies and laws applicable. 

We at EOS are committed for ensuring the safety, health and inclusive work environment for all employees who work with us. Our success is built on the trust we earn from our employees. We have a zero tolerance policy toward harassment of all nature or form that is committed by anyone including employees as well as our partners to any employee of EOS or associated with the business, thus, following Gender Neutral Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace.

The gender neutral POSH policy of the workplace is handled with the help of an Internal Committee appointed by the Company. The policy was formulated under “The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013”.

What compensation package and other indicators are used to ensure career growth of its people that benefits the company.

We value our employees’ career growth and thus we strictly follow KPI system, i.e. Key Performing Indices Measurement to calculate overall performance of an employee. This system is an effective method that helps to keep appraisal and promotion process transparent for everyone irrespective of their designation in the organization.  

We consider current compensation as well as market standards while compensating new hires. Not only this, we do consider skill set, certifications, overall experience, etc. before drafting compensation. We have Shraishtha Academy to help our employees for career advancement. It aids them by career counselling, training, updating on advanced & latest skills, which are essential for career growth.

What are the topmost industry tools and techniques provided that ensures the maximum profitability for the company through employee productivity?

We have policy and the procedures that are to be followed whenever the performance of an employee has been determined to be an acceptable standard. We have a goal to establish a structure to resolve the issue, usually by improving the performance of employees. EOS policy believes in individual growth, which results into the organization’s growth as a whole, which ultimately accelerates in achieving Company’s growth.

We help our employees to achieve their targets and also enhance their skills by enabling with an extremely effective Quality Management System (QMS) where the employees can get real time feedback on their performance over a specified period of time and historical. This QMS is complimented with a Smart Dialer Solution – Vaani, which helps employees, track their performance real time and are not dependent on their supervisors to update them on the same. 

We monitor employees’ performance real time with the help of our RPA tool and also on a weekly basis through a balanced scorecard approach. There is a regular feedback and coaching session depending on the area of improvement derived for the employees’ through regular monitoring. 

If at any point the company is of the opinion that the feedback and coaching is not moving forward in a satisfactory manner in enhancing the employee’s output, a one to one meeting is scheduled for the employee to address the matter. In the wake of an event, the employer can modify or extend the period defined for performance improvement. The procedure includes different parameters such as Timescale, Targets, Measures, Feedback, Review, and Ongoing Review. This is how EOS works for employee performance pushing them to utilize their caliber. 

While we do have external hiring through various job portals and consultants, the organization strongly promotes Internal Job postings (IJPs).  Growth is not capped at any level in EOS, as we encourage our employees to aim higher in their professional career through self-learning and by taking up additional responsibilities over and above their KRA, in case they wish to learn cross functional jobs. . Irrespective of employees’ current role, we give equal opportunity to all employees to follow their passion.  

How well are the employees and management aligned with the objectives and vision of the company?

Alignment of employees and management with company’s objectives and vision is the process of ensuring that all the workforce is aware of and shares the vision and objectives of the business. When employees are aligned to the goals of the company’s strategic plan, they perform at their optimum to meet business objectives collectively. They are motivated and inspired to do their best to help the business. 

The Talent Acquisition department plays a vital role in finding the best person for the role that is being offered in the organization. We have a dedicated HR team who works for allocation of roles according to expertise and experience of person for a particular position. It is essential to have the right people on hand to create synergies and gain the employees’ support.

In order to get our employees to move in the right direction it is also important to ensure that their career goals are in line with the company’s goal. The most important thing is to establish specific and quantifiable objectives to your staff members.

The employees must effectively blend their talents and skills to help in the success of the team. They’ll require encouragement to work more efficiently, so we strategize to improve communication between managers with their respective teams by ensuring regular Open House, skip levels and one to one meetings. We also take up various timely initiatives for team building that include creative activities in group, team outings, sports at all level, etc. We work on alignment of employees with the organization to make them understand company’s strategy, culture, and mission, short/long-term goals. It helps them to plan their work responsibilities and execute accordingly. 

Reasons why the company is truly valuable to shape lives and take care of aspirations.

Rewards and Recognition

The organization doles out recognition when it’s deserved. It has been observed that 70 percent of workers are more motivated by recognition. Thus EOS, believes appreciating its people by awards. EOS strives to make employees confident towards their roles, which results directly in increased effort i.e., better productivity and improvement to our bottom line.

Transparency in Goals and Feedback

EOS provides transparent company goals and consistent feedback. Company goals are conveyed to all employees in the hierarchy and this helps employees to plan their tasks to satisfy it. Considering this, we ensure working as a family. Sharing the company’s goal and vision with employees helps in understanding their day-to-day tasks and the value that they each bring to the job. 

We have a well-balanced and defined feedback mechanism that gives an open platform to all employees to add their feedback/ suggestions. This system helps both management and employees to maintain the best working environment at EOS

Steps before Parting Ways

We plan a performance improvement plan for employees who are getting problem to reach targets or are underperforming. We give them specific time to improve and discuss one’s problems, so that one can improve. We also suggest them cross-functional jobs based on their skill sets.  This way an employee feels justified. 

Offer Training and Career Development

We work with the employees to identify areas of growth and learn what parts of the business they’re most interested in. By providing training and career development through Shraishtha Academy, we help employees develop new skills which is an asset for your business and a way of showing you care about your employee’s future, which in turn builds loyalty.

We don’t believe in perfectionism; we give our employees a room for improvement. We help them to maintain their work-life balance providing achievable targets, set working hours, sufficient break timings, team outings, festive celebrations, etc. These activities keep employees motivated and balance their personal life too. 

How threatened and secure do employees feel with the targets and objectives?

“Threatened” as a word does not exist in the organisation culture of EOS. We firmly believe that right governance model of setting up targets, guiding our employees to achieve them with periodic feedback is the only way to achieve success. Our employee platform “Edge” covers every aspect of employee’s KRA achievement and enable the supervisors to keep them motivated at all time. EDGE tool empowers not only employees but management as well. It is a window for employees to track leaves, keeps check on their attendance, performance, company policies, new updates, current vacancy in the company, etc. Thus, the tool provides transparency to Employees, Management, and Human Resource department.

There is a dedicated ‘Employee Relations” team which works round the clock to handle employee grievances, support them with right protocols, and guide them to achieve right recognition for the achievement.

Eureka Outsourcing Solutions

Innovative techniques and reward & recognition process in the company.

Methodology of Reward and Recognition is a healthy mix of Objectivity, which is monitored through automated computed KPI scores, and subjectivity, which is defined through Supervisors feedback.

Across verticals, there are strong yet explicit Governance models deployed which are made a religion across all positions. With equality also comes responsibility of ensuring that work is done through defined flow chart. 

Our technology solutions enable every employee to get and feel recognized. For instance, one of our Flagship Digital Solution “Vaani” which keeps motivating the employee through performance recognition, and also our employee portal. Recently Vaani for this and various other aspects has been awarded as the most Innovative product of the year. Eg. Deployment of Vaani has helped by increasing visibility and tracking employees’ work. It also facilitated technological advancement to track and manage quality of work.

There are structured and periodic communication channels, which is driven by Automated Performance Monitors, and the employee gets recognition at various channels through it, both at process level and at organization level as well. 

R&R is well promoted within the organization and also through all the digital and social platform available which keep the employee motivated enough to continue performing better. 

What are the feedback mechanism used by the company that sets goals and growth?

The performance improvement program is set of steps designed to enhance the performance of an employee. While the employee has a right to negotiate every measure; however, EOS can demand any element of the plan for improvement without agreement based on the business requirements. Our customer testimonials are inclined towards employees’ growth and their performance which helps and motivates them to stay productive. 

We have sessions like ‘Town Hall’– which is an open forum with CEO. In this session anyone from the organisation has the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and unresolved query with our CEO. This forum has shown transparency of employees with the leader of upper echelon. In terms of growth, we have digitised entire employee life cycle, where an employee can see his/her life cycle open. Due to digitisation, our co-location facilities are also benefitted. No employee remains untouched and has flexibility of access or reaching out to corporate entity.  

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