Ashok Dudhat Tech Jobs Fair
Ashok Dudhat, CEO, Tech Jobs Fair

Ashok Dudhat, CEO, Tech Jobs Fair, Germany is simplifying business growth with great innovations, management skills and his abilities to handle issues in minutest details. Selected as WCRCINT, World’s Best Emerging Leaders in Business Consulting, Ashok Dudhat has implemented various Industry Firsts in the last few years.

WCRCLEADERS in conversation with Ashok Dudhat, CEO, Tech Jobs Fair, Germany

Ashok Dudhat, CEO, Tech Jobs Fair at the WCRCFEST in London

What makes a strong leader? What are your key leadership strengths make the strongest attributes of success?

I believe a strong leader leads & motivates the team to perform to their ideal constantly and drives authoritative achievement with courage & a clear vision to succeed. Team coordination, decision making, planning & management are the key and strongest attributes of our success. 

An accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career? What challenges did you face to reach success?

I found beating my business’ bucket list target is the most significant accomplishment along with contributing to many candidates’ career journeys who got multiple benefits from our events. 

During the pandemic, a lot many changes happen, those changes affect us positively but there were some challenges too like virtual management and making it ‘The New Normal’ for clients too and bringing something positive in the negative environment while every company has to be alive & active even during their losses, making them investing in hiring and branding (TJF’s)  event was a big challenge.  

What is the role of a leader in these challenging times? List 5 in order of priority.

1. Monitoring every part exclusively to find where they may be battling, and work with them to track down an answer to tackle that issue.

2. Regardless of whether I’m having communication with my team or with our clients, I’ll continuously be promptly accessible for anybody who needs to talk.

3. Returning to my point on communication, straightforwardness, and remaining open with my team is essential when things appear to be hard.

4. I tend not to overlook little issues since small issues ultimately become enormous issues assuming that they’re left disregarded.

5. With the right consideration regarding my team, attention to making the wisest decision, and an ability to figure out how to be better, you can help your team through even the most difficult times.

What is your vision and how do you share that with your shareholders, employees and others? 

Gain a broad understanding of how different entrepreneurs and CEOs are running their companies and how they build them. Things like how they started their businesses, how they define their growth strategies and make revenue. I have attended many events to meet new people and companies. Reaching CEOs is not that hard when you have a clear idea. 


Building TJF, as an event where every client finds it best fit for their brand and an organisation where my team find it the best place for their career and interpersonal growth. To make my vision and mission clear to my team cum employees, I represent the business model where multiple cases studies I share like how different entrepreneurs and CEOs have taken steps and how it has affected their growth, market, business and employees too.  

How do you drive active business renovations and how does that impact your subordinates?

Yes, changes are always difficult to accept or to make acceptable. Before I paste those decisions in terms of renovation, collecting reviews from team members about pros and cons, then a well-discussed plan to share & implement the update has always become a key to driving an active business renovation.  To make a positive impact on all my subordinates, I make sure to run a survey having a relevant concept and it has worked well, hence I found a positive impact in most of the cases. 

How do you integrate corporate philanthropy or corporate social responsibility as a part of your business strategies?

TJF has even been started with the concept of contribution. The candidate is the major part of our events, where we do not charge any sort of amount from them to meet with company speakers, recruiters, career sessions etc. And we also invite various types of communities to get enhanced branding and networking with the tech sector leaders and to provide all benefits of the event to their members. 

What has been your driving force or philosophy in life?

Like many others, I have also faced lots of challenges in my life and winning over those challenges and being curious to reach the next level is something that I find has made me passionate about it.  Making things successful is my passion, no matter how many failures have been seen. I set a specific goal towards myself and that pulled me every moring /moment towards it and I start the day with new positivity and energy. 

How do you plan to drive your business at a global level?

It’s relevant to my responsibilities towards society and the nation too. While our business model is itself well designed to contribute to society, that is the point to make it beneficial for every candidate .. 

Business expansion is a kind of flow for TJF, especially our client’s demand has made it driving globally for us. But I still keep some major aspects in focus like research and analyzing product/service, its demand, selection of specific demographics, psychographics,  are some of the key points of my planning while working on the global level business. 

Ashok Dudhat Tech Jobs Fair

How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?

Feedback &  Numbers, I found, these two are major aspects while measuring success. My own targets are hitting the feedback & numbers we receive is a source to measure the definition of success as well as I always consider achievements too.

In your opinion what is the most significant aspect of leadership?

Communication. Although I found ‘Motivation’ to be the most significant but that too depends on how, when, why one communicates that ‘motivation’, so I choose Communication to be most significant.

Your perception of an empowered society. How far has your industry has/can contribute to the same?

TJF has spread its wings across the world today, it has been designed in such a way where social empowerment plays an important role in terms of having multiple community partners, supporting startups, contribution to the nations’ ecosystem, job opportunities for individuals with the help of events and various platforms like Hire Tech Talent, from freshers to experienced and as its a part of our business model, our contribution has worked and will continue forever with our events.  

Ashok Dudhat Tech Jobs Fair

Esprit de corps: How do you bring fairies and equality to all?

  • Encourage mutual respect: When interacting with employees, I consider how they would want to be treated if I were in their person’s position.
  • Change rules to promote fairness: When promoting fairness in the workplace, consider reviewing some of the workplace rules and changing any policies that do not serve the environment we are trying to build. However, remember that in these cases, rules may have to be on an employee-by-employee basis. Because of this, it is often important to implement flexible work policies.

For example, if an employee with a disability cannot come into the office five days a week, you may consider a work-from-home policy to adjust to their needs. As well as Period Leave Policy for female employees. 

  • Model correct behavior: We try to keep this in mind as we work and promote healthy and productive working habits. If we notice an employee is struggling, we offer them help to encourage teamwork-based practices. This often helps motivate my team and keep each employee happy.

For example, if a manager often expresses how grateful they are for their team and is happy to help employees in need, this may encourage other employees to do the same.

  • Offer an appeals process: If any employees have suspicions about unfairness or questions about transparency in our organization, we always allow them to share their thoughts with an impartial professional or platform by adding a system with the HR department where this can be managed in a mature way with effective decisions including privacy. 

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