World's Leading Brands: London, 2020: World Brand & Leadership Conclave

World's Leading Brands

2019-2020, The Westminster Palace, London

World's Leading Brands is an Award and Brand List of the 200 fastest growing brands in the world

Research is incorporated in 25 growing economies of the world. 50 different broad industry categories have been taken into research. World’s leading brands feature the top brands from each of the 25 countries. The brand research will be released at the World Brand & Leadership Conclave, London.

Fueled by passion,  Chosen on the basis of trust and followership. Uncompromising editorial content from across the world. The World’s Leading Brands is a list of the Leading brands from the 25 different countries, which are leading the industry in their country. 50 different industries have been considered for the research to evaluate the 2019-2020 edition of World’s Leading Brands. To be held at the Westminster Palace in London, UK, 2002, World’s Leading Brands is a Conclave and Awards of the brands which have the potential of being the biggest brands in the world in coming times.

The World's Leading Brands Research Matrix

Sharp & Incisive Research Process
The Defining Parameters – Brand Reports can be obtained post the event*

A brand is based on the right positioning it possesses within the target market. It is based on the truths of positioning. The WCRC Brand Matrix identifies the positioning a brand carries among consumers and establishes the right mix.

The impact with customer/consumer needs, desires, and decisions across all relevant geographies and demographics. Brand Weaver identifies this effect a brand exudes on the consumers.

The differentiation strategies through which customers/consumers perceive the brand to have a differentiated positioning distinctive from the competition. Brand

Link establishes the right differentiation strategies a brand uses for potent positioning. Sustenance
How well the brand has sustained the test of times. BrandR establishes the sustenance quotient a brand has gleaned.

The omnipresence of a brand in reaching its customers through branding solutions creating the right recall for

BrandDOS identifies the reach and recall of the brand.

What’s been the connect? Has the brand justified spends and really connected? Really touched heart? BrandConnekt is a methodology tool to scale this tangent of critical connect.


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