TOP TRENDS – Audi Study: No Congestion in the City of the Future


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  • The research project “25th Hour – Flow” simulates the traffic flow in Ingolstadt

  • The future of urban mobility: people will have more time, cities more space

  • Melanie Goldmann, Audi Trend Communication: “Autonomous cars, services, and networked infrastructure reduce traffic jams and road space”



Audi study „25th Hour – Flow“: No Congestion in the City of future
Platooning: In the future, with an increasing proportion of AVs on our roads, traffic will benefit overall from a more harmonized manner of driving. According to various studies this effect together with the realization of shorter headways between AVs, can lead to a higher capacity of roads and intersections.
Audi study „25th Hour – Flow“: No Congestion in the City o
There is a huge potential for innovation in traffic management and control and its effects on the capacity of the road network. The maximum potential in traffic management can be achieved in a completely automated transport system (autonomous cars). It incorporates effects like omitting intergreen times at urban traffic signals, dynamic lane allocation in peak hours, advanced freeway control systems, and reduced amount of traffic due to search for parking spaces, but also infrastructural effects like the replacement of parking spots by drop-off zones.























How much time will we save in a city with autonomous cars, ride sharing and smart traffic management? Answers are given by the Audi study “25th Hour – Flow”. Partnering with the traffic experts at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) and the Munich consultancy MobilityPartners, the research simulated the future of mobility in Ingolstadt/Germany. According to the study, a lasting reduction in travel times can be achieved on a typical commute: in fully automated traffic by one third, even though over ten percent more people are on the road. The prerequisite is that the trend towards sharing takes hold.

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