r/Health – The five medical biases against women – From drug trials that only use men to misconceptions about CPR, medicine’s gender inequalities can be matters of life or death

(some, older) Medical textbooks have normal anatomy. Then somewhere there might be a section on womens anatomy. A woman goes to the Dr complaining of chest pain “it’s just anxiety”. A man goes to the Dr complaining of chest pain “this might be a heart attack!”. Thankfully there’s a way around this, bring a man with you to explain to the Dr that you, a woman, have chest pain. It’s far more likely that you’ll survive. Use their biases against them. Pre clinical trials also use male genetics – the female mice are breeders, so males are used. “Professor, why are you using male mice?” ‘I’m glad you asked, this disease is more prevalent in males’. Down the road, at the hospital “Doctor, should we test for this disease in this woman?” ‘na, it’s usually only in males. Send her home’. The bias circle continues. Less stats in women, it’s less tested in women, less research in women, less diagnostic tests for women, less diagnosis in women etc etc etc. Rinse and repeat.

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