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Cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate, but most companies don’t have the talent they need to adequately protect their data and their customers from growing cyber risks. According to Cyber Defense magazine, even as ransomware attacks grow 350% each year, it’s projected that up to 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will be unfilled by 2021. And the majority of chief information security officers (CISOs) around the world are worried about the cybersecurity skills gap, with 58% of CISOs believing the problem of not having an expert cyber staff will worsen.

To meet the onslaught of attacks and the urgent talent needs to address such risks, the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is building a new generation of cyber talent in the Big Apple. The cybersecurity workforce of the future needs to be large, flexible, and diverse, and New York City is a natural place for that talent to live and work.

To develop the cyber workforce of the future, NYCEDC launched Cyber NYC, a coalition of education and industry partners. This groundbreaking, $100 million public-private investment, which The New York Times called “among the nation’s most ambitious cybersecurity initiatives” aims to establish New York City as a global leader in cybersecurity. As a central pillar of its work is growing the city’s diverse talent pool through a variety of training and education programs, Cyber NYC is helping bridge the talent gap. Over the next decade, Cyber NYC’s programs will catalyze 10,000 cyber jobs, help fuel new startups, and protect the city’s anchor employers.

“Cybersecurity is growing at a rapid pace, with both the private and public sectors making critical investments in talent and innovation.” said James Patchett, NYCEDC president and CEO. “New York City is positioned to be a global leader in this growing field with the launch of Cyber NYC, an unprecedented initiative that promises to develop the city’s talent pool, support company growth, and create good-paying jobs.”

Cyber NYC is developing new talent pipelines through the Applied Learning Initiative and the Cyber Boot Camp. Through established partnerships between academia and industry, these programs will ensure participants are given the opportunities, technical and soft skills, and employer networks they need, while offering employers a diverse pool of candidates with market-aligned skills.

The Applied Learning Initiative is a consortium of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs led by the City University of New York (CUNY) and operated across New York City’s major academic institutions, including Columbia University, New York University (NYU), and Cornell Tech. New York City’s leading public university, City College of New York, part of the CUNY system, offers a new master’s degree in cybersecurity, built in collaboration with Facebook and other prominent industry players. NYU’s stackable credentials program, which will be built on credit-sharing agreements between New York City universities, provides an innovative approach to education-based micro-credentialing, where students are able to apply tailored coursework throughout their lives to stay on top of industry’s evolving needs. And finally, the Tech-in-Residence Corps will train cybersecurity professionals to teach as adjuncts at participating universities.

The Cyber Boot Camp, run by Fullstack Academy, in partnership with LaGuardia Community College, will serve as an accelerated training program that prepares high school graduates, particularly those from underserved communities, for local jobs in cybersecurity.

“The high demand for cybersecurity skills presents a unique opportunity for students from underserved/underrepresented communities to enter into a rapidly growing technology career,” said David Yang, founder of Fullstack Academy. “The emphasis on hard skills, certifications, and communication ability and the reduced reliance on degrees lets us engage with the wide diversity of talent here in New York City. We’re extremely excited to be part of this ambitious initiative and especially the wide variety of partners in the program.”

By introducing innovative practices focused on cooperation between educational institutions and industry, Cyber NYC is closing the readiness gap and delivering in-demand skills that directly meet industry needs. Furthermore, these initiatives are building a more inclusive business community that better reflects New York City’s diversity.

New York City has all the ingredients needed to become a global leader in cyber education: strong commercial demand (New York City is home to 45 Fortune 500 headquarters), a large and diverse workforce (4.4 million workers), a growing startup ecosystem (over $1.2 billion in venture capital spending in 2017), and leading academic institutions (nearly 100 across the city). Cyber NYC’s revolutionary approach to cyber education will not only train a new generation of cybersecurity practitioners, but it also will serve as a model for the entire tech industry to build a strong and diverse workforce that meets its constantly evolving needs.

Join us to build a stronger, more inclusive talent pipeline that will keep your company and our citizens safe. For more information, visit or email us at

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