Superstar Movie Review: Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf Are A Treat To Watch!

Rating 4/5 Stars

Pakistani film Superstar is simple yet beautifully crafted love story with non-traditional twists and turns superbly executed for a silver screen. Having stars like Mahira Khan, Bilal Ashraf and Nadeem Baig, Superstar takes the audience on the journey of love in a most entertaining way.

The Story:

The story revolves around Noori (Mahira Khan), who works in a theatre run by her uncle Agha Jan (Nadeem Baig) as it occasionally appeared in the trailers. Agha Jan runs a theatre in Lahore’s old city area, he himself is a famous director in his yester years, who is content with running a theatre.

Mahira Khan in Superstar

Mahira Khan in Superstar

On the other hand Sameer (Bilal Ashraf) is a film industry’s superstar, a son of big businessman Zulfiqar Khan (Javed Sheikh) and Laila Khan (Marina Khan), who was a famous actress of her time. Sameer’s father wants him to leave the film industry and help him run the family business, making the relation between father and son complicated.

Noori and Sameer met on a commercial set and soon develop some sort of mutual liking for each other, one day Sameer went to watch her theatrical performance with his director friend Shaan (Ali Kazmi). After watching her power packed performance Shaan decides to cast Noori in his upcoming movie with Sameer.

Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf in Superstar

From here the story takes a sharp turn and suddenly Sameer’s selfishness pushes him across the border and that completely changes everything for Noori and of course Shaan.

Mahira Khan’s Acting:

Keeping in view the recent comments about her acting skills, Mahira Khan has chosen the best way to silence her adversaries i.e. her performance. In numerous scenes as a theatre actor Mahira Khan has performed a few remarkable skits with utmost brilliance.

Mahira Khan in SuperstarMahira Khan in Superstar

Superstar is Mahira Khan’s first movie where we have got to see her glamourous side. On one hand she dances her heart out in ‘Noori’ in a traditional Ghaagra Choli and the other wearing some exquisite Ball Gowns, dresses and Sarees. Certainly, a treat to watch for her fans.

Bilal Ashraf in Superstar:

Bilal Ashraf in his larger than life portrayal, brings the movie goers joy, happiness, and silver screen charisma. In Superstar, he didn’t try to impress the audience with his six packs, that body transformation was only for a song, but he actually impresses the audience with his acting skills and his romance with Mahira Khan.

Bilal Ashraf Superstar

Bilal Ashraf in Superstar

Supporting Cast of Superstar:

Ali Kazmi as Shaan outshines everyone in each frame he appeared. Once again he clearly shows that he has a league of his own.

Javed Sheikh as Sameer’s father has a very limited screen time, but he did well as usual especially when he shared screen with ever green Nadeem Baig, that reminds me of the golden age of Pakistani cinema.

Nadeem Baig as Agha Jaan inspires throughout the film. Unlike other Directors Ehtedhamuddin didn’t use himself as a prop, but a proper character and he demonstrate why he is still a superstar. After over a decade we have seen Nadeem Baig lip sync a song that makes you feel nostalgic.

Alizeh Shah as Mahira’s sister Chutki, brought freshness to the screen. She magically grabs attention in every frame she appeared in with her perfect comic timing. As Chutki she loves her sister and always there for her. Her character has some of the most joyful moments on screen. Although just 18 years old, Alizeh Shah has already presented her as the one to look for as a upcoming star.

The Music:

The man behind the outstanding music and screen play of Superstar is none other than Azaan Sami Khan. Having music in his DNA, Azaan gives us some best melodious songs of recent era. The beauty of the songs is that every track moves the story forward, it focuses on telling the story and never makes the movie goers feel unfit for the situation. Tracks like ‘Bekaraan’ and ‘In Dinon’ makes a person feel loved while ‘Dharak Bharak’ and forces you to wear your dancing shoes.

The Verdict:

In the end I would say that Superstar is a pure romantic saga, it has some of the best acting performances, brilliant music, and remarkably executed story line.Director Mohammed Ehtehshaamuddin deserves every bit of the praises for this wonderful jewel being presented on Eid ul Adha. Watch the trailer here

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