See If You Can Make it Through Chris Hemsworth’s “Devil’s Workout”

Regardless of who’s your favorite Avenger, Chris Hemsworth has arguably the most impressive physique of any Marvel superhero. You might not be a 6’3″ brute of a man hailing from Australia, but you can certainly learn a thing or two from Hemsworth’s training regimen. Even when he’s not prepping to become a Norse god, the actor likes to stay fit with metabolic workouts that torch fat and build total-body muscle.

He often posts at-home and gym sessions with long-time trainer Luke Zocchi, who’s responsible for refining Hemsworth’s physique for the Thor and Avengers franchises.

The latest training video features Hemsworth and Zocchi working through the “Devil’s Workout”: six exercises for six reps and six total rounds. Hemsworth jokes you can rest one minute between rounds or “just throw up and power through,” as there’s no rest between individual exercises. Here’s the breakdown of moves:

1. Deadlift to Overhead Triceps Extension w/ EZ Curl Bar
2. Feet-Elevated TRX Row
3. Kettlebell Reverse Lunge w/ Overhead Press
4. Ring Chinups
5. Squat on BOSU Ball w/ Resistance Band Flye
6. Rotational (Around the World) Med Ball Slams

Watch the video for exercise demonstrations, then try the routine out for yourself.

Want some more Hemsworth-worthy training ideas? Check out:

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