India’s Most Valuable Brands – MRF, #indiakadil

India’s Most Valuable Brands – MRF

The MRF story is a truly remarkable one. What started as a rubber balloon factory way back in the 1940s is now a multi-billion dollar business that produces quality tyres used all over the world, including India.

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India's Most Valuable Brands - MRFBLAZE TO BRILLIANCE
MRF’s origin traces back to a humble shack in Chennai that housed its first makeshift toy balloon manufacturing unit. It was not until 1952 when it changed course and turned to tread rubber manufacturing. Thus, began its glorious reign as the undisputed leader in the tyre making industry.
By the early 1960s, MRF was exporting its quality tyres to offices overseas in the US and Beirut and soon made its presence known globally across different countries.


MRF is recognised for its drive towards constant quality improvement and customer satisfaction. The design process at the core of MRF’s innovation starts from the customer. Inputs from individual customers are compiled by marketing team and given to MRF’s R&D and Product Development Division. Also, vehicle specific requirements are received from the Original Equipment (OE) customers.


MRF has a passion for speed. It has chosen to associate itself with some of the world’s best fast bowlers through ‘MRF Pace Foundation’ – an academy that has trained cricket legends. MRF’s passion for motorsports is seen through its involvement in racing, karting, rallying and various other motorsport events.


Advanced raw materials are tested and approved in MRF’s NABL accredited laboratories. The prototypes for verification and validation testing are manufactured in one of MRF’s factories. The tyres then go through testing for confirming the architecture and a series of indoor testing to ensure that they meet MRF’s high standards.

India's Most Valuable Brands - MRF


MRF has been constantly designing tyres for all class of vehicles for decades and has met the demanding requirements of vehicles, backed by an R&D team which is completely in-house and self reliant.

1. All factories are TS 16949/ ISO 9001 certified
2. Global presence across different countries
3. Gave India some quality fast bowlers through MRF Pace Foundation

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