r/Health – New Hawaii Law Requires Healthy Drinks On Kids’ Menu: Next year, Hawaii will become the second state to require restaurants to offer zero-sugar default choices for beverages.

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Abstract’s language on sugar-sweetened beverages

Experimental studies provide insight into potential biological mechanisms and illustrate that intake of SSBs increases T2D and cardiovascular risk factors. SSBs promote weight gain by incomplete compensation of liquid calories and contribute to increased risk of T2D not only through weight gain, but also independently through glycemic effects of consuming large amounts of rapidly absorbable sugars and metabolic effects offructose.

What it says about artificial sweeteners

Consumption of artificially sweetened beverages is unlikely to promote weight gain or metabolic dysfunction; however, some evidence suggests that the intense sweetness of artificial sweeteners (160–13,000 ×sweeter than sucrose) [59] may condition toward a greater preference for sweets and thus may enhance appetite [60]. Diet soda may also enhance appetite by cephalic phase stimulation, although this area remains controversial.

A few studies have reported positive associations between diet soda consumption and weight gain and risk of metabolic syndrome and T2D [21, 22, 57]. However, these observations may be due to reverse causation or residual confounding, since for example, diet soda consumption is higher among individuals with T2D compared to those without T2D.

Diet soda was also associated with weight loss in our study evaluating the effects of changes in diet and lifestyle factors on weight change

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