r/Health – More patients are being prescribed opioids after experiencing an ankle sprain, finds a new study of nearly 592,000 patients, even though no evidence-based treatment guidelines for ankle sprains include prescribing opioids. Physician over-prescribing may be part of the opioid epidemic problem.

I am a physician. Ibuprofen works for pain. Tylenol works for pain. Hydrocodone works for pain. They tend to have an additive effect.

My treatment could be punching you in the stomach once a day, and the ankle sprain will heal just as fast.

My job is to relieve suffering without causing harm. I would argue there isn’t good data to support the idea that 4 pain pills will turn you into an addict.

We are demonizing the medication instead of addressing the root problems that lead to depression and drug addiction in middle America.

Here is one “evidence based article” on pain meds and ankle sprains.

I would be careful about limiting our ability to control pain- lest you end up in the ED with severe pain, and I have to explain why I’m not allowed to administer narcotics because your diagnosis does not fall within opioid treatment guidelines.

What do you think?

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