r/Health – Medical mistakes harm more than 1 in 10 patients, and half are preventable

A lot of people afemisunderstanding what they are saying.

1 in 10 gets an error, and out of those with an error 12% have death or disability.

Essentially 1.2% of people get an error with death/disability

“Incidents relating to drugs and other therapies accounted for 49 percent of the harms, and injuries related to surgical procedures accounted for 23 percent. Health care infections and problems arising from diagnoses each accounted for 16 percent of the harms.”

If I give someone Tordol IM in the ED and their Cr ends up being elevated, does that count as an error? Injuries related to surgical procedures? Are those errors or are those known complications of the procedure?

A lot of smoke gets thrown with these studies, but mistakes are not that rampant. I’m not going to say mistakes do not happen, its human, but 1.2% of patients do not die due to medical error. Everyone in the hospital hears about medical errors, everyone is nosy as hell in the hospital. Rumors are rampant. 1.2% of pts in a 500 or hospital is 5 people active dying in the hospital cause of errors. That’s just not what happens.

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