India’s Most Valuable Brands – Valvoline, #indiakadil

India’s Most Valuable Brands – Valvoline

Founded in 1866, Valvoline™ – the petroleum industry’s first U.S. trademarked motor oil brand’s lubricants, chemicals and car products are available in more than 160 countries and territories worldwide. Valvoline™ is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary in 2016 worldwide.

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India's Most Valuable Brands - ValvolineVALVOLINE – THE WORLD’S FIRST… WORLD’S FINEST
Dr. John Ellis founded Valvoline in 1866 when he discovered the lubricating properties of distilled crude oil. As Valvoline™ entered the 20th century, it continued to gain traction in the auto world and became recommended oil for the iconic Ford Model T, making Valvoline™ a household name as vehicle ownership rapidly expanded. The brand extended its product offerings internationally, and Valvoline’s groundbreaking innovation continued, successfully pioneering one of the world’s first aircraft engine motor oils (1910). Valvoline™ introduced Valvoline Racing Motor Oil to the world in the mid 1960s. Its superior technology was developed to better protect engines in high-stress situations and met the needs of the “muscle car craze” of the era.

The Valvoline brand has a heritage that rivals companies like Heineken, Nestlé and Ford Motor Company. Valvoline has produced over eight billion gallons of motor oil and lubricated well over a billion cars, trucks, motorcycles and more over the course of its existence.
Valvoline produces a full product portfolio of advanced options to best service engines and vehicle needs worldwide, including Premium Plus CI4 Plus for TATA Trucks, Premium Blue™ for Cummins engines, Valvoline™ Motorcycle Oils, Valvoline™ Coolants, Valvoline™ Greases and Valvoline™ Gear Oil.valvoline-car

Valvoline new plant was opened in India – bringing the total of blending and packaging plants worldwide to 60. Product innovations continued with the launch of NextGen™, a premium oil that uses fewer resources in production. Valvoline is celebrating its 150th anniversary across the globe.

Craig Moughler, senior vice president and managing director at Valvoline commenting on 150 years of Valvoline™. “We’re proud to reach this historic milestone, and our plans, products and service programs ensure that Valvoline will keep the world moving for the next 150 years.” Sandeep Kalia, CEO of Valvoline Cummins Private Ltd. “This is truly an exciting time for our company, and the activities planned for the New Year and beyond will help sustain this growth moving forward. We take this opportunity to thank all customers, vendors, channel partners and employees who have made us to succeed in India and invite them to be a part of this celebration.”

1. For 150 years Valvoline has been on the leading edge of motor oil technology
2. Valvoline is proud to have been the only motor oil company that could perform all 5 required gasoline tests
3. Over the last 100 years as engine technology has evolved, so has motor oil technology, and Valvoline has been innovating all the way

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