Kailash Desai, Endress + Hauser: Brilliance in executions

Chosen as a Trusted CEO 2019, Kailash Desai, MD, Endress + Hauser is challenging the odds with his brilliant management style and execution abilities


Kailash Desai, Endress + Hauser: Brilliance in executions

Chosen as a Trusted CEO 2019, Kailash Desai, MD, Endress + Hauser is challenging the odds with his brilliant management style and execution abilities.

Kailash Desai

The Differentiators that set your business apart.

As a process automation company, we thrive on the B-to-B segment and have inroads to various industries across different verticals- ranging from Oil & Gas, water, life sciences, F&B to Chemicals. We focus on improving the efficiency of our customers’ processes with a thrust on improving their productivity.

Since we cut across various industry segments and are always a versatile need, we are less affected by market dynamics, even during economic recession. We are sought-after partners to improve the bottom-line of our customers, furthermore, in the gloomy economy periods.

What is the big idea of the business that is impacting human lives?

Every business revolves around a greater life-purpose which has positive impact on the environment and mankind at a larger perspective. Our business like most other business segments touches upon the quality of life in terms of hygiene, health, environment, safety etc. For example, our product lines and solution offerings cater to improving the quality of water.

It’s often said that leaders these days must operate in an environment of extreme volatility. Do you agree? How does that affect the way you lead?

Yes, it is of course challenging to operate in an unpredictable environment. While, we are bound to be faced with several business challenges, as a leader we must inculcate a culture of change acceptance and prepare the organization to face volatility and uncertain market conditions.

Strengthening the business competencies and behavioral competencies is a key driver to help the organization deliver excellence for mitigating customer and market exigencies. 

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. What has been your core strategies of retaining customers?

Ease of doing business with us. A simplified solution to meet the customers’ expectations.

Customer-centric approach enabling the customer to stay loyal with us.

To stay in touch with the customer during his good times as well tough times.

3 Business Strategies of yours that were winners?


Direct connect with customers

Happy Employees

Your strategies to ensure that you stay in touch with employees and customers in line with the company’s goals?

Continuous communication and keeping engaged employees.

Customer meets and roadshows.

Digital media to stay with the customer.

What is the best business advice you’ve ever heard? How do you create trust with the employees and the overall management?

“Customer is the King”

An open and transparent communication and taking responsibility of all your actions.

Walk the talk

What has surprised you about being an entrepreneur?

Execution of the ideas and strategies by successfully taking the team along.

What strategies do you use in terms of planning your personal career progression?


Developing & adapting new skills to deliver effective leadership.


Your Favourite Book, Automobile, Cuisine and Quote of all time? How do you maintain work-personal life balance?

“Strengths Based Leadership” – Dr. Don Clifton

Mercedes GLE

Mutton Biryani

Albert Einstein quoted, “Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it’s stupid.” This is very true in all our life situations.

Running a marathon and spending time with good-old friends.

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