r/Health – DEA tracked every opioid pill sold in the US. The data is out – Just three drug makers and six distributors were behind the flood.

Possibly. Context and and facts matter. For example, did distributors ignore extreme red flag orders from pill mills? I recall reading about hundreds of thousands or millions of pills going to very small mining communities in W. VA from a single distributor who would certainly have known better. Or manufacturers that deliberately lied about risks of addiction or bribed doctors to prescribe powerful new brand name opiates instead of less powerful meds without the same kind of risk of addiction.

What is very clear is that the Sackler family is now worth at least $15,000,000,000, and they made that money by extreme profit from selling opioid pain pills. They focus almost exclusively on pain meds, narcotic sleep aids and laxatives (because their opioids cause extreme constipation). One family, a few individuals, now some of the wealthiest Americans. The Sacklers’ dollars are stained with the blood of dead Americans — our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, coworkers and friends. And the facts and evidence show they knew exactly what they were doing

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