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Building a New India by transforming lives – Mapsko Group

Mapsko Group: Developing and Inspiring confidence in clients and ensuring quality service along with industry and regulatory authority compliance.

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Building a New India by transforming lives – Mapsko Group

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Promoter/Director: Mr Pankaj Singla/ Mr Om Singla

Mapsko Group: Developing and Inspiring confidence in clients and ensuring quality service along with industry and regulatory authority compliance.

Total Number of Employees in the Company: 230

Countries the brand is present: India


BRAND USP – Mapsko

Excellent location and competitively priced product garnered tremendous interest among buyers.  The product quality and in house amenities has enhanced the character of the product, enticing buyers to flock towards the Projects.  Back to Back projects of Mapsko lined up together in New Gurgaon area has given a unique image and branding to the Organization.  The client satisfaction and addressing issues has given huge satisfaction to the clients.


What are the physical, character and personality attributes of the brand that have evoked and inspired consumers’ self-expression and personal identity?

Mapsko has embedded as a brand so beautifully in New Gurgaon area that the thought of “New Gurgaon” is today synonymous with Mapsko. The sprawling landscape of Mapsko, totaling 4 huge projects near to each other give uniqueness to the brand. The residents are happy to live in lush green ambience, comfortable and luxurious living that the referral itself makes quite a number for Mapsko group.

An insight into the brand marketing strategies that have effectively penetrated consumers’ psyche, established a meaningful relationship with the target audiences and ensured positive brand perception.

Mapsko developers, through PR agency and professional operators, keep on conducting various events within the society, benefitting exuberance levels of the residents and making the living exiting within the premises. 

How has the brand extended its presence to the frontiers of Internet advertising and social networking? What is the level of significance the brand accords to utilizing social media as a competitive edge?

We get an easy connect with our clients and prospective clients too through social networking.  Our Brand gets recognized and increases inbound traffic on our website as well. We do the strategic targeting of our different audiences.  Using social media is definitely of a great use as:

Our search engine strategy is improved now

Cost effective

 Reaching the right audience

Higher conversion rates

Improved brand loyalty

Get direct connect with the actual customers those who are   

Interested to buy our property as according to the budget.

Key marketing endeavors in the past decade that you feel have been landmark initiatives in reinforcing the legacy of the brand’s promise to influence consumer intent and enhanced the brand’s propensity to drive affirmative consumer action

Social media campaigns for motivating customers’ behavior and buying decisions.

Competitive SEO procedure

Engagement activities with the existing clients and publishing the same.

Participated in many PR and media engagement activities planned for the benefits of the existing clients and publishing the same in different online and offline media channels

Google AdWords campaign

Social awareness programs and campaigns

How has the brand derived strength from innovation as a sustainable differentiating strategy adding to long-term brand equity? Please provide a few instances of measures implemented towards this goal.

We manage a positive work environment by being happy in our work place and enjoying what we do.  And our passion for creation grows with every project, which we encounter as a challenge to set definite goals.  At Mapsko, the customer is not just a one-time association, but he is the ambassador of the brand and the lifeblood of the organization. Customer focus is about understanding, listening and delivering what people need, when they need it. Trust and integrity is built on fairness and reliability.

What is the key leadership value’s that drives the brand?

In adherence to strict quality practices and international standards, Mapsko lives up to its commitment to what the customer demands. Being an ISO 9001:2000 certified, company assures the fact that the company is consistent and reliable with some of the best practices the industry has to offer. Mapsko is rated favourably by “Crisil” as one the leading rating agency in the world for shareholders and investors.

What type of employee satisfaction programs are conducted by your brand.

Weekly Team meets

Monthly Get Together

Excursions and Tours

Regular meets and visits by the top management

How much does your brand emphasise on employee training & development, kindly elaborate.

Proper scrutiny and care taken at the recruitment level to ensure fitment of the employees into Mapsko Work culture.

Induction programs coupled with initial handholding time.   

Structured remuneration, Fixed, Variable and ESOPs above certain level. 

Centralized joining and induction training. 

Well-structured compensation structure, Fixed Pay and Incentive schemes. 

Automated payment of incentive scheme. 

Well defined career path for all.

Leadership training to middle management.

Timely Soft Skills & Life Skills training sessions for overall growth and development of existing employees.

List the most critical success factors of the brand in order of importance

  1. Direct connect by senior most management team with each and every employee of the organisation.
  2. Open and transparent culture
  3. Rewards and recognition programs
  4. Automated career progression system
  5. Regular training and career orientation programs for employees

What are the core values that drive the brand.

The company’s ability to meet the special requirements of the real estate market and clients stems from the strong foundations of professionalism.  We try to achieve international quality standards through cutting-edge value engineering and intelligent resource management

What are the core competencies of the brand

The most important core competence of Mapsko Group is to value time and resources.  It is considered to be one of the driving forces of the organization. Time management has always been a priority at Mapsko. Management takes it very seriously. “We harness a reputation for executing projects in record time frames and keeping up with accurate planning and resource deployment.”

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