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Often, while pursuing an MBA, students focus more on extracurricular; they try to get hands-on experience through internships or fellowships. And, simultaneously work to build a social life which they had been deprived of during their younger years.

However, neglecting your academics can cost you more than just a semester as the transcripts are thoroughly scrutinized when you apply for your postgraduation or master’s degree. So, getting good grades becomes imperative as nobody wants to compromise on the university they want to go to for their masters.

All that business school going students need to do is strike the right balance among their social life, extracurricular and academics, and the examination phase will pass like a breeze. Keeping that in mind — we bring to you some of the ways to get better grades in University.

  1. Be regular: While every pseudo-intellectual student says, “marks don’t matter,” deep down we all know they do and feigning that idea doesn’t make you look cool as every human being is programmed to be competitive.

    Being regular to your business school lectures can act as a stepping stone in achieving better grades. It will help you to maintain notes which come handy during your exams. In addition to organized notes, some business schools do allot a percentage of marks for regular attendance and though these marks may not seem to be significant enough initially, they really can come as an angel in disguise for passing your internals. Therefore, make sure you ensure regular attendance.

  2. Be attentive: Sleeping through your lectures may not be a brilliant idea altogether when you want to attain better grades because believe us or not, however, drawl a college lecture may be, the professor does teach and throw some handy exam tips that may prove to be highly beneficial. Students pursuing a comparatively difficult major like business management, economics, banking, or finance may require attending their lectures with one hundred percent concentration because those lectures are the lifeboats to their sinking ships.
  3. Go through previous year examination papers: Although the probability of previous year questions repeating is very slim, going through these examination papers can help you get an insight on the kind of questions that will be showing up in your upcoming exam.

    It also helps to assess the difficulty level and enables you to prepare accordingly. To the people who start their preparation last minute, going through past year question papers can easily help prioritize the topics and eventually pass with flying colors.

  4. Start your preparations well in advance: Many students would prefer to just skip reading this point regarding it as a cliché in the book of ‘how to score better?’, but really, things are cliché for a reason! Starting your preparations well before and not hanging onto that last-minute reading and cramming will definitely improve your result drastically. You will have abundant time to clear your doubts and make notes and preparing better for those topics you might feel you are weak at. Although, it is the oldest trick in the book, trust us, it is the best.
  5. Try to get a perfect score in your internal assessment: Internal Assessment marks are easy to obtain and trust us here, you would not like to mess them up. Every university allows a percentage of marks to Internal Assessments and scoring decently here will get half of your job done. Internal Assessments can make or break your result and besides, doing petty assignments and appearing for a few class tests is way easier than facing an external test surrounded by invigilators.
  6. Be friendly with your professors: Your professors possess the power to handle your internal assessment along with the knowledge to solve the gravest of your doubts. Make sure you get your professor’s number to contact him/her at any time during your exams so that you don’t get stuck on petty problems and try and act on your professor’s experience and bring the odds in your favor.

So, knock yourself out and emerge towards the top of your class because the spirit of competitiveness definitely renders sweet results and an even sweeter satisfaction. Don’t forget to toss that phone aside when you sacrifice yourself in the fire of studies.

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