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Out of all disciplines in Management Studies, Human Resources offers a real-time challenge as it deals with people. The mindset of people is difficult to study or get a knack of, and that’s where studying in the best university for Human Resources comes into the picture.

Studying people from various cultural backgrounds is one of the most important facets of Human Resources degree. Europe is one continent which offers a wide range of cultural diversities with a good intake of international students.

Here is the list of best universities for Human Resource Management Studies in Europe for 2019:

  1. La Rochelle Business School, Italy: This business school offers fantastic courses in human resources with an overall emphasis on managerial skills, negotiation skills, social relations, and people management. The school also ensures that the students have four to six months of professional experience before completing their degree officially.
    Program: Masters of Science (MSc) HR Management.
  2. Rome Business School, Italy: To have an HRM degree with an international perspective, Rome Business School offers the best. For those who are new to the field, Rome Business School offers the right orientation towards the subject. It offers HRM courses which aims to produce professionals of good technical and cultural backgrounds and hone their human resource skills.
    Program: Master in International HR Management.
  3. Antwerp Management School, Belgium: It gives an in-depth look into the world of HRM. They also offer a good view on how HRM is perceived in the real world with intensive training in communication, talent development, and management. The HR professionals trained here can get real-world knowledge of the subject and turn out to be great entrepreneurs.
    Program: Master in Human Resource Management.
  4. University of Gothenburg, Sweden: Their master’s course in strategic HRM and labor relations, combining two interesting areas of business. The students here can be challenged with real-time scenarios which aim at practical solutions for HR problems. The program also aims at modern trends in society and workspace which an HRM executive must be aware of.
    Program: Master’s Programme in Strategic Human Resource Management and Labour Relations.
  5. Vrije University, Netherlands: The master’s degree in Vrije is aimed at management training in the business world, HR aspects of a company, and teaching the students about problem-solving skills which can be applied to any business sector in the world.
    Program: Master Human Resource Management.

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