Zainab Salbi

Citizenship/Residence Iraq

Zainab Salbi is an author, women’s rights activist, humanitarian, social entrepreneur, and media commentator who is the founder and former CEO (1993-2011) of Washingtonbased Women for Women International. Currently she serves as Editor-at-Large at Women in the World Media. Salbi’s mission had always been to build programs that combine access to knowledge with access to resources to lead to lasting change in women’s lives.
At the age of 23, she founded Women for Women International, a grassroots humanitarian and development organization dedicated to serving women survivors of wars rebuild their lives. Under her enthused contribution the organization fervently grew from helping 30 women upon its inception to more than 400,000 women in 8 conflict areas leading to a distribution of more than $100 million dollars in aid and loans. Salbi was nominated as one of the 21st century heroes in 2010 by President Clinton.