Rabeth-KhanTalking of women power and gender benders, Ms Yingluck Shinawatra’s is one of the foremost names that come to one’s mind. Entrusted with the leadership of Thailand by its people, her responsibility as the Prime Minister of Thailand is gargantuan.

Her prime endeavours are focussed towards keeping the military, the elite and the poor in harmony, something that has been a reson of strife and unrest even in the recent past. Her ties to ex-Prime Minister and brother Thaksin Shinawatra complicates the situation. A burning question is whether he still exerts influence on the party’s decision making processes. Yingluck Shinawatra must keep the military convinced that she is not following in her brother’s footsteps and that her government will not repeat his mistakes – because September 2006 clearly showcased that the military is perfectly prepared to stage a successful coup, should Yingluck not measure up to its and the people’s expectations.

Constantly attacked by the political opposition regarding her lack of experience in holding significant political posts before, she has proven herself to be a resolute and strong force. Her responsibilities are immense: stabilising a country which has seen bloody street protests, clashes between the citizens and the military, and military coup which ousted an elected government.


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