What are your Pretty Secrets?

What are your Pretty Secrets?

Comfort and Fashion led lingerie brand in India at affordable prices

Whats your Pretty secret

PrettySecrets is the only lingerie brand in India to have a perfect combination of function, comfort, quality & fashion and style at affordable price points.

Whats Your Pretty Secret
An effort towards constant innovation and development on quality, engineering of product in terms of fabrics, styles, silhouettes, prints, colors, construction etc and multi category focus has made the brand stylish and focused towards the changing nation fascinated with women empowerment. Pretty Secret’s widespread distribution has ensured, the product is easily and readily available to the customer across the length and breadth of the country. The brand has been working to  secure funding for expansion of the company. 
the LEADERS report asked Pretty Secrets its questions.
The brand has some of the hottest collection of Pretty Secret’s Bras, Pretty Secret’s Panties

Pretty Secret’s is innovative and modern, keeping Indian pricing as a core marketing model. Its has been engaging with its consumers through social media and innovative product lines.

Whats Your Pretty Secret

What are the core values that drive the brand?

EMPOWERING: Products which give you Comfort inside, Confidence outside; DEPENDABLE: Great quality & functionality that never lets you down. PERSONABLE: The brand and product are like a friend / one-to-one relationship, bringing together product and brand experience. 

What are the core competencies of the brand?

Product quality, comfort, design & fashion , Affordable price points; Distribution – First Online Lingerie brand and segment leader across major online marketplaces; Second largest chain of lingerie retail stores in India; Fastest growing in trade sales; Most engaging lingerie brand on social media.

What according to you are the five competitive brands in the country? 

Zivame, Enamor, Lovable, Clovia, Jockey

What according to you is the impact that the brand has created in the minds of the consumers?

Through our brand loyalists we’ve learnt that PrettySecrets to them is more brand that is stylish and comfortable and makes them look as incredible as they feel. To these brand loyalists, PrettySecrets is a brand that makes them feel special about themselves and pampered. They believe the brand is Indian at heart but global in spirit, the brand is bold and confidence boosting and that the brand makes them feel empowered to be the real person that they are! This is exactly what we think of our brand.
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