Saturday, August 2018
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With fan I feel very lucky and fortunate. Acting has always been a dream and I just didn’t go after my dream early on my life. I was very happy with just walking the ramp. It excited me because it’s a rush when you have to wear such amazing gowns and walk down the ramp and its all live and its all there.
Ofcourse acting was always a passion and things just unfolded for me later on in life. When I happen to meet my casting director Shannu Sharma and I met her for a cup of coffee and just casually to say hey this is Waluscha and acting is what I would like to do. So it was just about 5 mins that she offered me the role. She didn’t tell me what it was all about and she sent me to Yash Raj to meet Manish Sharma.

I had no clue it was a Sharukh Khan film. I had no Idea it was Fan! So I went to Yash Raj with no expectations and when Manish told me I was starring opposite Shahrukh…. I had my Fan Girl moment then but I tried to be calm and composed but as soon as I came out I was just wondering whom to call first. It was like a dream come true

It is a constant struggle! You are constantly working on yourself, you are constantly trying to compete with yourself and that’s very scary sometimes because first you need to set the bar and then you need to go higher than that every time. It’s something constantly in motion with lots of insecurities and you have everybody around telling you about how you look, sit, stand or dress so you have to let all these things not affect you.
It’s not easy. It’s not all fun and games! There is a lot of hard work put in to it. You need to be very strong mentally and more so emotionally and people will push you around and try to change you and if you have a good support system then nothing is going to stop you.

Stay grounded and humble and true to yourself! These are the few things I learned working with Shahrukh. I first worked with him when I was 17 years old in a commercial and then so many years down the line he still was so humble. So many years in between that went by and he catapulted but he is still so down to earth.

For me everything has to be simple. My approach to life in the way I even present myself to people whether how I speak, dress or anything. Everything right now for me is about simplicity! I want to try and continue save that about me.


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