Vishwajeet Sinha

Vishwajeet Sinha

62-Vishwajeet-SinhaVishwajeet Sinha, president and CEO of Global One Technologies, has been leading his company with insightful business acumen. An alumni of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Vishwajeet’s experience in the telecom industry spans over a decade.

With its buzzwords ‘Rich media communication anywhere to any point’, Global One Technologies is an IT software company providing IT solutions spread across a range of strategic domains.

Global One unites cloud-based HD video conferencing, mobility and room-based meetings across all platforms and devices in a service clubbed in 3-in-1 cloud-meeting platform. It can extend its services to 500 participants or rooms covering them all at the same time.

Being brought up in a village, Vishwajeet was motivated by his mother to move out and pursue higher education. It led him to a boulevard of multiple opportunities.

Having achieved 18 years of expertise in IT and telecom industry, Vishwajeet decided to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. “I was prepared to explore and follow my dreams, but it was while working with my earlier organisation, where we offered expensive video-conferencing solutions that the idea of promoting cloud-based video conferencing dawned upon me.”

Along with his expertise in sales and management, Vishwajeet is an ardent admirer of Edward de Bono’s lateral thinking and Stephen R. Covey’s ‘The 8th Habit’. He has been putting into practice their advice into his leadership style.

Vishwajeet believes in transformational style of leadership carried out through the means of disruptive technology.

“Leaders motivate employees thereby enhancing their productivity and efficiency through communication and high visibility. Leaders focus on the bigger picture and delegate smaller tasks to be accomplished by the team,” he says.

He likes to capitalise on competence through knowledge also by keeping external forces such as competitors, innovation and the economy in mind.

In November 2012, Vishwajeet, along with the founding team of Global One, launched an online platform ‘ease my sell’ to simplify e-commerce transactions and payment solutions.

As a leader, he has always believed in standing for originality. In a world where people can easily be deceived with fake ‘social media cover’, Vishwajeet aspired to portray a winning state of mind that radiates positive energy. There is no substitute for fair business, he feels.

“It is easy to get swayed away by great opportunities or quick fixes. So, it becomes essential for an entrepreneur to limit himself and his company by knowing the boundaries,” he says.

Vishwajeet never stops searching for an inspiration or being innovative or dreaming to make it large.