In the era where education seems important and way of educating turns out to be techie, Persis Anthony highlights on the elements of virtual education describing it in a vivid manner on macro level.

Education being one of the crucial part of individuals life has gone a way far, from what we had thought and what we think!! India being a secular nation the level of education has gained tremendous achievement in the methodology of providing hi-tech education reaching every zone of the country. Highlighting the layman terminology of study, Virtual classrooms have reigned the educational segment on the macro level to encourage the masses getting enrolled themselves and obtain the benefit of e-learning.

eductionRecently the Modi Government committed rs 100 crores for virtual classrooms and massive online open courses (MOOCs) analyzing closely the education component in India, the training rendered through e-learning is at the incipient stage but has an enormous talent potential. Going back to the genealogy of education, the virtual classrooms began with continuing education classes of the sixties called the ‘sunrise semesters’ where people tune into their local/public television station and watched the instructor guiding them on various subjects such as art, mathematics and cooking classes. The concept was good but due unsupportive source of technology the idea didn’t germinate.

Emphasizing on the first C i.e critical thinking. this type of learning helps the students to express their views disapproving or commenting upon the topic they are been taught and also it becomes easy for the teacher to concentrate upon the specific point and hence the use of online stimulations, debates, analysis of case studies enables both the learner and the provider to enhance the thinking skills and acquire the appropriate knowledge of the subject.

Any communication is incomplete if it’s not two-way. Hence teacher-to-student and student-tostudent communication is the chief component in an online course. Once the orientation process is over the instructor needs to check whether the students have submitted their assignments and also ensure whether the student is posing questions in the classroom in which context should not be given opportunity to sit back in the class. Consequently all this sums up to create effective communication and essenceful learning.

United we stand divided we fall completes the word collaboration, which means at this stage of teaching it is the sole duty of instructor as well the students to work together , ensuring every task is been shared with every member present in the classroom and at the completion it should be submitted to the instructor , if this elements are not present learning will be partial and get distorted , hence it is very important to work with absolute collaboration which as a result works good for both , teacher as well student.

Creativity plays important role in developing unique skills and thinks out of the box. To maintain the rhythm of creativity instructor should encourage students to investigate upon fresh ideas and project them on the e-learning tools such as , wikis, blogs and websites which will enhance the level of creativity present in the student and the mentor will master his/her skills as well.

Living in an era of sound bites advertising slogans straw men and urban myths, the antidote to the world of education has been established by initiating the virtual classrooms/ E-learning moreover, to add prestige to the class of E-learning our Honorable president Mr.Pranab Mukherjee will be addressing to the students and faculties of higher learning institutions through video conference on 10th august, 2016 at 12:30 hrs which will be hosted at the president house.

Technology never stops creating similarly we should never stop learning and miss the opportunity to behold it!

Anything without experience is impossible to describe or comment upon .similarly, virtual classrooms are difficult to understand without first hand experience the universal fact is that virtual classrooms doesn’t have, desks, row, walls or the class end bells, but it has the most essential element of any successful classroom , that is the instructor who guides the students.

The virtual classrooms are classified into three forms a) Teleconferencing b) Completed via the world wide web c) A combination of these two mediums In the technique of teleconferencing students can interact with the mentor via speaker phone and distance has no clutches to this usage of technology. While, the World Wide Web media enables the student to connect from home via modem server and all the assignments and the projects can be posted electronically as well. The third classified form is the conjunction between the teleconferencing techniques as the learners prefer using both at the same time which consumes lesser time than the estimated class duration.

a) Critical thinking b) Communication c) Collaboration

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