Virkaran Awasty, the MD and CEO of Bush Foods Overseas Ltd., has been the man that has led the company to becoming one of the leading exporters of basmati rice globally. With an experience of almost two decades in the industry he has the insight that is required to make Neesa, the brand name under which the company operates, a leader in terms of both quantity and quality of exports. The brand exports high quality rice to over 27 countries. With a vision of putting his brand on the list of food industry giants,Awasty has also diversified the brand to cover ready to cook meals, Indian spices, sauces and pastas among others. Maintaining its core competency alongside this diversification the company has taken strides towards technological advancement under Awasty’s tutelage. It has a state of the art fully automated unit at Sonepatthat has helped it in increasing production capacity to over 600 MT per day. Apart from this technological advancement, the brand has also roped in the diva, Madhuri Dixit, to represent its quality, uniqueness and authenticity. In acknowledgement of the excellence that the brand has managed to achieve, Qatar’s Hassad Food Co. has brought a majority stake in the brand in a strategic partnership that has been pegged at well over USD $100 Million. This investment in the brand will help the brand in increasing both its production and brand value through major marketing exercises. The architect of this alliance and the overall success story of the brand has been the leader Awasty.





  • ƒƒ An experience of over two decades in the rice export industry.
  • ƒƒ In depth knowledge of the rice as a commodity, right from production to quality control.
  • ƒƒ Expansion of the already widespread export network that is remarkable not only for its size but also its clientele.
  • ƒƒ Maintenance of technological edge through constant up gradation of plants and installation of the latest innovations.
  • ƒƒ Strategic partnership with Qatar’s Hassad Food Co. that has led to inflow of investment capital that can now be utilised to increase brand awareness in the domestic and international markets through marketing campaigns.

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