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vinodFounding Managing Director – INDO US Venture Partners

Vinod Dham has lived the quintessential Silicon Valley rags to riches immigrant story. Born in Pune, India, he came to the U.S. in 1975 as an engineering student. He became a chip engineer and helped invent Intel’s first flash memory chip. He went on to manage Intel’s microprocessor projects, including the breakaway Pentium chip that debuted in 1993 and cemented the company’s position as the world’s biggest chip maker. “Electrons move at the same speed whether at Intel or AMD”, and with this ideology he started to establish himself in the Silicon Valley.

He led to the development of the Pentium processor, as well as co-inventing Intel’s first flash memory technology, he was bestowed with the title of “Father of the Pentium chip”, and further rose to the rank of vice-president of microprocessors. Eventually, he left Intel and became the CEO of Silicon Spice, which he sold to Broadcom for $1.2 billion in 2000. Then he became a venture capitalist, first at NewPath Ventures and now at NEA-IndoUS Ventures, where his aim is to give something back to his native India.

Key attributes:

1. He, along with his wife, has rigorously involved himself with the causes that plight both USA and India. In July 2006 he was named to the Board of Directors and was appointed Chair of the Digital Equalizer Program, with a mission to provide underprivileged children in India with the opportunity to enhance their learning through the use of digital technology.

2. He has been prestigiously rewarded by the government of both USA and India. He has been profiled as one of the most influential Indian Americans. His daring vision has brought both the countries together and has also credited them with great human resources.

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