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Lava International Ltd, established in 2009, is one of the fastest growing mobile handset companies in India. It has demonstrated quick and robust expansion since its inception, showing profitability and growing sales since its first year of operations…Read More

Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed

His affiliation with the Nasr Education Society, Hyderabad, dates back to his formative years. From being a student at Nasr to becoming an instructor and later transforming into his role as the CEO of Nasr group of institutions,6…Read More

Vikas Gupta
JMD – Earth Infrastructures Limited

In 2010, Earth Infrastructures Limited, a new company, entered the landscape of the Indian real estate sector. In a short span of just four years, it has re-shaped the concept of environment-friendly buildings in India…Read More

Thoughts happen by default, Thinking by design…
Thots lab

If we consciously observe, we see that our mind is continuously weaving thoughts. Whether there is any inter-relation between these thoughts or not, the process continues. If, somehow, we know the process of how to create a chain of thoughts consciously, it shall….Read More

THOTS that change the way kids THINK
Ashutosh Khurana
CEO & Co-Founder, Mind Edutainment (P) Ltd.

Thomas A. Edison probably referred to a breed of brain-dead people in an evolving and new world order when he used the euphemism, “Five per cent of the people think; ten per cent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five per cent would rather die than think.”…Read More

Blending Tradition with Modernity
Augustine F. Pinto
Chairman, Ryan International Group of Institutions

“Besides being spiritual, our education model is largely based on holistic development and child-centric pedagogy”…Read More

Change is the only Constant at Ryan
Grace Pinto
MD, Ryan International Group of Institutions

A large number of Ryanites are state and central scholarship winners and top rankers in various olympiads…Read More


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