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V.S. MEHTA – Sr. Vice President, DONEAR Industries Ltd.
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V.S. MEHTA – Sr. Vice President, DONEAR Industries Ltd.

V.S. MEHTA, Sr. Vice President, DONEAR Industries Ltd.

V.S. MEHTA – Sr. Vice President, DONEAR Industries Ltd.

The heart of a business success lies in its marketing. How have you been crafting such marketing objectives for your company that your customers find credible and aligned with their values?
The key to success has been our rapport and business relations with our partners for over 40 years, which has certainly assisted in aligning our objectives of our company to ensure we LISTEN to our clients as what their expectations are and how can we market them as per their needs. One of the gap which I have identified in the market was packaging of Textile to the whole sellers and retail audiences, which has become one of the revolution within the Industries.

“The Perfect Brand Image”- what do you perceive from it and what all goes behind its creation?
The perfect Brand Image for me is where our audiences can connect themselves to what we are trying to present. We consistently ensure that a rigorous R&D is taken place to create a right brand image of a brand, at right time with keeping focus on right people for whom the message is been created.


What things fascinate you the most when you travel?
Cultural aspirations, meeting people and exploring the places.
What are your hobbies?
Cricket, Travel, Cooking.
Best and the worst thing about your job?
Event Management – Best Thing …….
What is a Sunday to you?
Watching a cricket match and Cooking.
PS- A message from you
What is the benefit sought in the eyes of your audience…Always look a question-mark (?) in front of your target audience to ensure what we have to convey them which will be essential to Market.

Donear India is a responsible organization and facilitates initiatives that help to improve the quality of life in the communities where it operates. Does CSR, ethics, corporate governance matter to a company?
Corporate Social responsibility with ethical values are certainly one of the key pillars of the Donear Industries.

Donear has built a very special relationship of trust and commitment with the people of India. What are the challenges that the brand faces in the market?
We all are currently living in a very competitive and a volatile market, where we all have to strive hard and think innovate not only competing on price, but also on products. Key challenge is to compete against products from China.

What is your prime focus for retaining customers?
Loyalty and incentive schemes, relationship and innovation is very important to retain the customers.

In an industry so dynamic, how do you comply with respect to changing trends, behavioral pattern and expectations of society?
Predicting demand – Always thinking ahead to ensure we can offer innovative product which the client would have an expectation in near future.

One thing you wish to change and one thing you wish to retain about your industry.
Make in India approach should be more adaptive in our Industry

How do you think marketing has changed over time?
Marketing has phenomenal changed the face of industries in India. Every product and company looking to success has been relating and endorsing the product via a celebrity as this can be directly connected with the key audience who the companies are looking to target.

How the recognition changes things for you at business as well as personal level?
Pat-on-the-back goes a long way and plays a vital role in motivating peers.

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