unnat-General Manager

Tell me about your journey , from where you started, your entry to the corporate world?
I did my graduation in engineering and I am a very highly specialised engineer , I got a petroleum and petro-chemical combination with this I said let me get intot he petro-chemical part of the business,try and see what happens there. I worked with India Glycol,which is a listed company part of the Bhartiya Group,I worked with them for about 10 months and while the company was great ,group was fantastic , the job was absolutely outstanding..Best turn now then I went & quit my job of 10 months and it was looking very promising for me and tehn my supervisor gave me a lot of prospective of how it could be a fantaStic career but they were called up on if you stop your career over there, go back to do my MBA and I got picked up from campus.So, I had 3-4 options I picked up Gillette to be the part of the business and Gillette was like almost a start up that time.It expand about 5-6 yeaRS and 5-6 years of FMCG Company in the Indian Market is almost a being a startup. SO, I that was my first job and I worked with Gillette about 12 years and that was like my first corporate journey and everything that I have learnt about corporate India, was all thanks to Gillette and this is my second job . So, I spent 11 years now in here so to relaunch KFC as the marketing Head to KFC and from there on its been a journey to launch Tacobell and now it is Pizza Hut.

I suppose KFC was launched initially once and it take to shut and then comeback but the comeback story has been quit an amazing one. Today, I don’t about the strategical figures about McDonalds and KFC doing what kind of young m generation and everybody knowing it to KFC today, there is a equal number of footfalls probably in KFC also and there is a shortest spend of time KFC has. So, what has been your those path breaking ,some of those strategies that probably implemented which hit on to the nail in the second time taken into the next level?
Mr. P-I think, pretty important calls taken at the beginning of the brand journey we focused on , what it was. At that point of time , I joined in 2006 and that point of time business is just about taking of one hand really caught a good idea of what which segment of population to focus on was pretty fazzy before that so we said we make sure that we win the youth and India being a young nation you have to win that youthThe competence of that point of time was largely a biopolar world, the competition was focussing on family so we said good luck to everyone else and everyone has place under the sky, they have made a huge business out of what they are focussing on we need not to follow their strategy. So, the competition strategy was focussed on families, children through inexpensive products . Sometimes, engineer too to achieve a certain pricement and largely make a very warm kind of brand and are very well for themselves. We said t lets not become another player that lost in India and has a bit of head start thats cover a own identity . SO, In terms of positioning we said WE are gonna be exactly dramatically opposite, we are gonna focus on the young , we are gonna be cool and we are gonna be more modern.
Our penalty will reflect that in everything that we do not just do TV advertising but also the selection of people who represent the brand at the store, our team members, managers, our stores will gonna look very very elevating loom and feel of which it is. So, all the work basically got crafted from the brand positioning choices that we had made for KFC and then to big-big decision had to be taken taken at that point of time is that India being a very unique country in the world , you have about the40% people who are pure vege tarians and other 60% also are not every time non-veg, they are are sometime non-veg and some time veg what should be the strategy for KFC in India and they were ofcourse you can imagine lots of discussion , some people said we should just have veg product , some said veg and non-veg but I think the good call that was taken at that point of time is to say that, India is a large nation evenIf there are classroom of 10 I have 3-4 people who like my product I’l after those people who like my product to consume it. I’l ignore the others product for the time being ,make sure my choices are building the brasnd in the right direction you cannot build a Kentucky Chicken by selling vegetarian products .

How is Pizza hut doing in India, as a brand?
So, PizzaHut, as a brand is a solid brand . Pizzahut has been in India for 11 years in succession. The most trusted food service brand in India by the brand equity survey, not for one year or 2 years, not for years 11 years consecutive which means a brand is extremely solid, the brand stands for certain values and the brand has deliver on those values , consistently over a period of of time. The Brand is solid absolutely rock and solid absolutely rock solid , people love it, they have great association. However , there is a changing consumer dynamics so while the brand launched in India we were the first casual dinner. We introduced the culture of casual dining in India. So, we said let’s launch a new brand and launched. We said let’s keep restaurant business as in and delivery is the peace that we have to be lash on to. Let us not take the same brand for delivery . Let’s launch a new brand . We launched PHD( Pizza Hut Delivery) , it was acronyms , we use to say “PHD”. That strategy did not work out , ofcourse , we had our own logic of launching the PHD brand but somehow consumer did not relate to that brand. So, we said this is one brand that delivers great , absolutely fantastic products and a great service at outstanding value whether you dine at our place or at your place, that is the overall change it’s a brand promise .. SO, we have to lead in the place where it matters the most which is the eating outside most . SO, when we established pHD stores we actually had very small stores with hardly any sitting or very- very minimum seating . To us that particular execution was not signature pizzahut execution . Now, we are going back what us the core of pizzahut and we realised people are looking at so restaurants experience is great but it is time consuming , it is a very weekend thing but weekdays needs a very different .SO, we have come out with the new concept which is called fast casual pizzahut . Right now we have 20 stores on the ground. Future of pizzahut is that kind of experience but the customer come in and they get to see pizzahut experience, they get to see the pizza’s getting made because it an open kitchen they see everything fresh because that’s what we stand for. The service element is meant to have the golden touch of pizzahut along with efficiency. SO, you order on counter and the food gets served to you on the table. In future, you see a lot of stores are coming up with this kind of execution, restaurant execution.

Today, it is said that the working environment is volatile, it’s a very extreme volatile working environment in terms of like do you agree its a very volatile working environment that you are working in and how do you involved yourself into different circumstances, how do you guide people through those circumstances in the working environment.
So, it’s a very volatile, first of all this industry is far most far based when the FMCG are work for .In FMCG, you launch one of the new products by brand if at all aggressive then thus time we launched to 6-8 in a year, speed of launch is not better its faster. So, in terms of the cycle also business review cycles things are what is reviewed quarterly over there is reviewed on weekly or monthly basis here. So, this is the Fairly fast basis environment. By the time ,data comes in here ,our data comes on daily basis and weekly basis, there is hardly anything comes on a monthly basis except the PNLs of the stores which are close in a month but most of your decision making data either on daily basis or weekly basis . So, the we are structured, the way we hold the meetings and forums are exactly to address this particular need of the market. dustry , more dynamic and thing could change more rapidly, could change in consumer front, competition front, something could change on policy front ,on government front etc.