Tulsi R.Tanti

Rabeth-KhanSome dreams and vision are too big to be conceived by average human minds. To harness such denouement one needs to be a lot more than just a dreamer, one ought to be a visionary who finds solace in accom¬plishment under onus and not mitigation of responsibilities. One such man our world has witnessed is Tulsi Tanti. A revolution which made power generation a greener mechanism, which gave hope to the lost; made sus¬tainability the eventuality of present time owes its inception to this man.

1995 saw the advent of a green energy movement . That today a wind farm produces 1,100 megawatts of electricity – the equivalent of one nuclear power plant – is a realisation of Tanti’s dream coming alive via Suzlon Energy. Suzlon is already the world’s fifth-largest wind turbine manufac¬turer, and Tanti himself, who is worth $3 billion ($1.9 billion), is one of India’s richest men. This unassuming man, with his carefully combed hair and thin moustache realised his dreams while facing competition from bigger and more established players. Despite his serious demeanor and modest appearance, Tanti is known for his sharp and aggressive takeover tactics. Tanti has driven Suzlon Energy Limited not just as a business, but as a cause, contributing to the world, by creating sustainable social, economic and ecological development, by using the very best of technology to help mitigate the global climate crisis.

One needs to have the tenacity for success to understand Tanti’s stance. His vigour, endurance and vehemence of thought pushes him beyond most entrepreneurs – making him one of the most treasured leaders of all times for AMP.



• His business expertise makes him a expert par excellence that the whole world looks up to.

• A whole industrial revolution of a nation owes it success to this man.

• His efforts to make energy production greener, leaves the whole world indebted to his life’s endeavours.

• The fact that his success is the corollary of sustainable use of natural resources and efficient development of an entire nation makes him undoubtedly the brightest embellishment in business industry.

• 13 years of journey and that has changed the energy world makes him a man of indispensable presence.


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