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From Angkor the Khmer kings laid their command over a long stretched land from Vietnam to China to Bay of Bengal

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3 days Itinerary-
1. Get a gist
2. Familiarize yourself
3. Get up close

TRAVELERS CHOICE: EXPLORING THE WORLD’S LARGEST RELIGIOUS HERITAGE IN ASIA – ANGKOR WAT Angkor Wat, world’s largest religious monument impeccable in its beauty and serenity with well but complex architecture. The complexity in the architecture both and attracts and distracts a travelers attention.

Angkor Wat is situated in Cambodia, South East Asia built during the 802 and 1220 AD encompassing the area of about 500 acres, Originally founded as a Hindu Capital for khmer Empire eventually transformed to a Buddhist temple at the end of 12th century.

0090From Angkor the Khmer kings laid their command over a long stretched land from Vietnam to China to Bay of Bengal . The structures that please the travelers eyes today, about 100 stone temples in all, are the surviving remains of a grand religious, social and administrative metropolis whose other buildings- palaces, public buildings and houses-were built of wood and have long since decayed and disappeared.

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Traditional and conventional theories were of the judgment that the lands where Angkor stands would be better utilized as a settlement area considering its strategic military location and the high fertility of the land would be used for agricultural cultivation. But I guess the, the population back then was well controlled and the land encroachment was a not the need of that hour, and not to ignore the fact that residential for almighty was also to be kept in due consideration with. Thus, as the alternative scholars of that time believed that the geographical location of the Angkor complex and its arrangement of temples was based on a planet spanning scared geography from archaic times.

190107-329aSPIRITUAL INCORPORATION Built to honor lord Vishnu and believed to be a replica of home of gods, Angkor Wat by far the largest Religious heritage of Asia. Out of the five towers the central most is said to represent Mount Meru, where divine lord shiva resides at the center of the world as per the Hindu Mythology.

In all, there are 108 lotus bud shaped towers, a sacred number to both Hindi and Buddhists. More impressive than the structure of the city itself, are over 2,000 divine nymph figures called Asparas decorating the walls and towers with their beauty.

Among the nymphs are bas-reliefs describing the Hindu legends including the ancient battles , some fought in the sky, the 32 hells, 37 heavens and the creation myth Churning the Sea of Milk.

ITINERARY FOR ANGKOR WAT Where, what and when? If you haven’t yet already made a plan and are still in thoughts, the further Itinerary will make you pack your bags and put them on your back.

An itinerary to travel to Angkor Wat, a must visit destination of Asia.

A Duration of 3 days is considered apt to feel in the spiritual and Divine spirit of Angkor temple.

4800_angkor_watDay 1: Set Your first foot print- get a gist. To get a sense of what’s where- Visit The Bayon, the centrepiece of the old city, and also the Baphuon Temple, the Royal Enclosure and the Phimeanakas, as well as the Terrace of the Elephants and Terrace of Leper Kings. But the best preserved and, of course, largest is Angkor Wat. On your first visit there, get a gist and begin shortlisting what you want to explore on your return visits.

Day 2: Familiarize yourself. If you’re not quite ready to go alone, take a tour out to the Roluos Temple Group, then spend the afternoon at Angkor Wat. For a magnificent sunset over the towers, climb up to Phnom Bakheng before sundown.

tiger-jim-national-park-tourDay 3: Get Up Close On the third day, you would explore Angkor Wat at your leisure. The temple is an architectural impression of the sacred Mount Meru, home of the gods. The five towers represent the five peaks of the mountain. Get up close to the magnificent and extensive bas reliefs which interestingly go counter-clockwise, reverse direction to normal.