Thinking by design

Thoughts happen by default, Thinking by design…

vantage-marchIf we consciously observe, we see that our mind is continuously weaving thoughts. Whether there is any inter-relation between these thoughts or not, the process continues. If, somehow, we know the process of how to create a chain of thoughts consciously, it shall be called Thinking. Hence, thinking is a conscious act and demands conscious involvement.

The period between 3-8 years of a child’s life is a very important time as there are rapid changes that happen in the child’s cognitive processes. These processes can develop on their own. But, as custodian of child’s mental development, it is our responsibility to actively stimulate and work upon them for optimal development. It is an important age to focus so that children have all the necessary thinking skills needed to make them ready ‘to learn how to learn’.

The next critical stage, 8-12 years is the phase where children start experimenting with their cognitive abilities to see its relationship and impact on self as well as other emotional and social structures. Hence, a correct formation of cognitive fundamentals during the age of 3-8 years, followed by simulation of emotional and social situations that children may encounter during the age of 8-12 years, enables them to apply the learnt cognitive processes in the academic and real life environment.

THOTS Lab is a scientifically designed space created inside a school to provide children with a stimulating and interactive environment. The Lab enables children to break their unconscious patterns to become more and more conscious of self-thoughts and actions. This unique space with elements like Reflection Pedestal, Spinning Wheel, Skills Wall, Customised Tables, Floor Seating, Token Dispenser, etc. enables each child to break thinking limitations and develop all the three types of Thinking Skills – Cognitive, Emotional and Social.


THOTS is a direct Thinking development program which uses manipulative to create various kind of Thinking experiences for the students. As the program does not use any academic subject, it helps all the students irrespective of their current academic knowledge to develop various Higher Order Thinking Skills and Thinking Processes. To do so, THOTS Program uses the best of ‘Thinking Development Simulative Tools & Games available across the globe to create various thinking experiences in the classroom. These tools, at the strength of the THOTS curriculum, create various cognitive, social and emotional situations to place children at the centre of the active learning process.

Even though various educational toys and games specifically designed to encourage certain cognitive thinking like basic logics, reasoning, and creative concepts have proven to work from ages. However, how these games should be used to give an exposure to children to develop structured thinking is rarely adhered to. In THOTS, each such tool and game is selected to deliver pre-defined Thinking Skills, Thinking Concepts, Thinking Processes and Thinking Models. This ensures learning outcomes to be quantifiable, transparent and oriented towards real life application.

At THOTS, we make children learn how to play with their thinking to make conscious thinking a fun-filled and life-long rewarding act!

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