AeroDream-OneI know. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has an i-Pad. You need something more to help you flaunt your passion for gadgets to people. Well, how about docking your $700 investment 11 feet high in the air? Roll it in your home for $546,675 by placing an order on Just make sure your ceiling is high enough.

Moon OrbiterOK, men can’t wear diamonds. But, how about the moon? With a steel case that has elements from the Apollo 11 space shuttle and a black dial containing moon dust, this watch is yours for $115,000. Log on to Hurry, only 25 pieces are there.

HartAudio SpeakersHow do you connect El Dorado, Neil Young and Bappi Lahiri? Well, one covered himself in it, one sang about it and the last guy wears it on his sleeve. GOLD! Now imagine listening to ‘Heart of Gold’ or ‘Disco Dancer’ through speakers crafted in solid gold. Hart Audio gives you a chance to make a screaming confession of your love for both music and the precious metal. Place your order on the Hart Audio website just for $5.73 million.
Aurora Dimante Fountain PenDiamonds are forever. So will be the signatures made by this pen. Encrusted with 30-carat De Beers diamonds on a solid platinum barrel, having a twotone, rhodium-treated, 18-karat solid gold nib, this pen is truly mightier, costlier and shinier than any sword. Take this $1.3 million marvel home from any of the locations mentioned on the Aurora Pens website.
IPad 2 Gold History EditionThis is how unconventional and outrageously diiferent an i-Pad can ever get. Encrusted with a couple of 16.5 carat diamonds and a 8.5 carat single diamond, 57 grams of a 75-million-years-old T-REX bone, 750 grams of Ammolite stone and 2,000 grams of solid 24 karat gold, this is a pristine mashup of history and technology. It lacks Bluetooth, but that’s ok. Only two such masterpieces exist. Just in case Indiana Jones and Darth Vader haven’t already beaten you to them, go to www., spend $8.18 million and surf away.
22 Karat Gold Toilet PaperWell, no body has dared to wipe theirs with this till now. Log on to www. carat-gold-toilet-paper- 1-roll/, lighten your pocket by $1.3 million and get it delivered along with a bottle of Champagne. Finally, giving ‘save paper’ lessons got easier!
201-Carat Chopard WatchTime is money. More so if you want to check it on the Chopardissimo. Here is a jewellery piece doubling as a watch that costs an eye-popping $25 million. Encrusted with 874 crystals and rare jewels in fancy colours and even fancier shapes, log on to the Chopard website to strap it on.
Aurum 79It’s never easy to make a statement while doing something as mundane as sipping water. However, things are about to change with the world’s most expensive water bottle made of the finest crystal glass and decorated with pure gold and 113 diamonds. Filled with half-a-litre of the purest spring water from the artesian source in St Leonhard, Germany, and mixed with 24 carat edible gold flakes, this is the closest humans have got to Getafix’s Magic Potion. Visit www.aurentum-switzerland. com, shell out $900,000 and it’s all yours.
A Gunboat for youJames Bond has his Aston Martin, Batman’s got his batmobile but what about you? A 67-year-old restored Patrol Torpedo Boat PT-728 from World War II may come to your rescue. This baby is armed with three .50-calibre Browning machine gun stations, a 20-mm Oerlikon cannon, four torpedo tubes each of which once housed a Mark VIII torpedo and two depth charge launchers. Time to show Bond and Batman who the real boss is! Row this in for $1 million at www.hammacher. com/Product/Default. aspx?sku=12127. We got no clue where to get the torpedoes from.

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