The ‘no worries’ Wires

nov-bl-96India’s most trusted and sought after brand in the cable industry, RR Kabel, has been known for complying with the most stringent safety and quality measures. Its turnover of Rs 12.50 billion is a testimony to the faith people have in the brand.
The company that has a market share of 18 per cent of the organised market needed to do something differently. While the market is proliferated with low-grade, recycled raw material, RR Kabel came up with product superiority that delivers better performance and safety.

It is the only Indian brand to offer a range of products with 19 international certifications while the market offers undifferentiated products conforming only to the Indian BIS specifications. The adherence to international norms ensured that the product delivered on its promises.rr-kabels-wires-nov-14
RR Kabel is driven by the core values of innovation, trust, transparency, ethics and integrity. It has offered consistency in terms of quality as well as safety standards that led to the success of the brand. It is only the second Indian company to have achieved EnMS 16001:2009 certification in 2010 and it is amongst the front runners to have achieved ISO 50001:2011 in 2012. The preferred partner recognition with CREDAI is another milestone that came along with deeper customer reliability on the brand.
Apart from cables, the company manufactures a slew of other electrical products under the brand names of RR Connect, RR Fans, RR Switches, RR Home Appliances, RR Shramik and RR Parkon.
RR Kabel acknowledges the importance of customer satisfaction and thus meeting the expectation of customer by understanding their needs remains top priority. The company is committed to protect the environment in and around its plant and implemented the environment management system as per the 14001:2004 standards for a clean, green and safe environment. The focus remains on the optimisation of energy use in its manufacturing activities.
The brand has the most superior offering, in terms of technology, in the category which sets the benchmark for others in the wire industry. In 2010 it has won the Marketing Innovation Award from CBS and RT-30 Chennai. In 2011 it has won the Manufacturing Innovation Award from industry 2.0, Mumbai.
RR Kabel, in its quest to remain the best brand in the Indian market and beyond, has always leveraged ethical practices to gain market share and will continue to build its brand around people. The future plan of the brand is to broaden its product offering.