ramesh-chemath-godrej-appliWith the changing profile of today’s employees, how do you find today’s business leaders changing their approach towards them?

The millennium generation that is joining the workforce today has different expectations compared to the earlier generations. They have more exposure, are more enterprising and seek opportunities to do more. In this scenario, the role of a leader has transformed. He is part of a team that works together to achieve bigger goals for the organisation and for themselves. Today, the role of the leader lies in harmonising the thoughts and energies of the team to create a bigger vision and getting the entire team to work towards it.

What kind of challenges have you faced while leading a brand like Godrej?
Godrej is a household name in India. It enjoys huge equity in terms of trust and emotional connect with the consumers. Our only challenge is to ensure that we keep the brand contemporary by infusing freshness and relevance to stay meaningful to every generation.

Is brand building at Godrej an intrinsic part of the marketing team or do other departments also contribute to this process?
At Godrej, the brand sits at the heart of our business. We believe that it is the sum of all experiences that the consumer has when he interacts with us, be it through communication, products or our services. Hence, everyone has a significant role to play in building up the brand – be it sourcing, manufacturing, service, sales or marketing.

What is the first thing that strikes a consumer’s mind when he/she thinks of the brand? How do you make this clear through your brand communication?
Today the first thing that strikes our stakeholder about our brand is the pioneering products or services developed by us to enrich our consumers’ lives. The essence of the brand is captured through the brand line for Godrej appliances, ‘Designed by curiosity.’ Further, it is shaped by our brand philosophy, ‘Ideas that make life brighter’.

What according to you stops Indians from creating iconic brands like Google or Microsoft?
I believe the key reason why we have not been able to create any iconic brand is that we are averse to taking risks. We are not willing to experiment with new thoughts and ideas. Great ideas are edgy and create polarisation.
We kill ideas by trying to broad base it or by trying to gain consensus. But the scenario is changing and many Indian companies are looking at innovation as the core engine for growth. These companies will lead the way in coming times not just in India but all across the globe.