Technology will redefine the real estate business

Players in the sector will not just opt for dependable CRM solutions but will also harness the opportunities presented by social media

 anupam-saha  122-aIt’s often said that the youth of a country lay foundation to its future and growth. It is right. India is undergoing a demographic transition and is gaining economically from its changing age structure. India’s youth population (15 to 32 years), comprising nearly 40 per cent of the urban population, is fast becoming a new set of consumers for whom marketers are going all out for.
With their inexhaustible and ever-increasing demand for the very best of everything, this class of youth today aspires for the moon as its disposal income soars. This has put the New Age Marketers in a compelling situation. They have to deliver nothing but the very ‘best’.
India’s real estate sector has been one of the fastest growing, yet it is an unregulated one. Absence of standardisation, lack of adequate knowledge sharing, etc have always hindered its coming of age. But in spite of these bottlenecks, it has witnessed a constrained but healthy growth.
Realising this need, ‘RealtoExpress’ seeks to address the situation by launching IT solutions for real estate consultants. Today, consultants catering to the affluent young buyers require organised and systematic processes to make the best offer. ‘RealtoExpress’ is helping these new age consultants to change and reset their ground rules.
‘RealtoExpress’ is a unique CRM solution that has actually grown beyond a basic CRM and moved towards an ERP Solution. A cloud based desktop application, it provides security features and fulfils requirement including Task Management, Campaign Management, Lead Management, Inventory Management and Transaction (Commission, Payback, Incentives, etc) 122-bManagement.
Designed to manage the advanced requirements of big real estate consultancy firms, the software helps in managing multi-city, multi-office and multi-team scenarios with a complete control and tracking system.
Understanding their consumers well, the new age real estate consultants today are happy to bring in professionalism and transparency to their work. Consultants benefit as the software not only helps them achieve greater efficiency but also aids them in growing their business and raising their profits. This, in turn, gives them an added impetus to deliver the best for their new group of young and affluent consumers.122-c
The social networking revolution is a phenomenon which has hit the mind space of today’s consumer more than anything else. Moving in line with global trends forecast for 2014, India is also predicted to see a continued upward swing in the use of social media platforms across sectors.
Real estate consultants too will like to latch on to this trend as they endeavour at establishing new routes of communication with their investors and clients. They will take advantage of social media platforms to reach out to potential partners and clients. Like other business communities, the real estate people too will utilise ‘Social Media’ to its advantage, bringing about a sea change in the way business is done.
On one hand, IT solutions will make way for effective and speedy business decisions while on the other, private social networking portals will become a popular medium of doing business in the year 2014. As the new age consumer today is mostly accessing information through online mediums (e.g. portals, social media etc.), real estate consultants will make their presence felt on these platforms in a more organised manner.
Social media features will also get embedded in internal CRM/ERP solutions and will become part of any digital communication with clients and employees. Whether in a B2C or B2B scenario, these business networking portals will be specifically fine tuned for the consultants. This will help them zero in on the correct information as fast as possible while connecting them in real time across locations and cities. This will also, in a big way, help in curbing down inauthentic and duplicate data sharing which is a matter of grave concern to the sector.
E-mail communication will slowly take a back seat. It will be replaced by social media tools which will be a faster and more organised way to reach a wider set of audience. The emergence of one such significant player in this space is ‘’ (CMD).
CMD is one of its kind of a product that will facilitate business and networking solutions and is specially designed to manage the ‘pain points’ of consultants and assist them in making their business grow.