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tbdTBD Tradelink Private Limited is a first generation entrepreneurial venture started in 2012. TBD is an organisation with value, ethics and optimal experience. It has an expertise in consumer durable segment with vast market knowledge. TBD has written its own growth story by starting from scratch and rapidly occupying consumer durable market by wining heart of its stakeholders employees, distributors, channel partners and consumers.

TBD started its journey more than a decade back as a distribution partner of major electrical and consumer durable brands and launched its own product under the brand name TBD. It is a brainchild of Vinit Saraogi and Bipin Saraogi. TBD product range starts from lighting, LED, Fans, appliances, wires & switches and newly launched CCTV cameras. They are continuously innovating to add more products in their portfolio.

1. TBD Tradelink Private Limited is a first generation entrepreneurial venture started in 2012.
2. The company takes complete care of overall product development.
1. The company is successfully handling distribution of consumer durables of a leading Indian brand for more than a decade.
2. TBD is an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization.

The company is committed to deliver quality products to its users. TBD is an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization and the products are manufactured, packed and delivered to microprocessor controlled production environment. After spending more than a decade in consumer durables business, TBD has realized the need to create consumer durable products with optimal return on investment. It wants its products to be unique, high in quality and meet expectations of the consumer. TBD designs and develops every product with utmost care. It is visible in its tagline “Crafted with care”.

TBD provides round the clock customer support service with dedicated service centre. The top management also regularly sees overall customer grievances and satisfaction reports. The customer feedback is also considered for product development. TBD believes participation of all stakeholders in the decision of the organization. TBD has dedicated team looking into various stakeholders’ feedback and collecting this data for better decision making and product improvement.

TBD believes in its philosophy: A customer must get the information on why should they buy its products rather than telling people what product they have to sell. There are many organizations selling similar kind of products, yet there is something unique in TBD which keeps them apart from others. The top management constantly focuses on adding value in the existing product and also works on product mix, new product line and providing solution to customer needs.

TBD’s each product is crafted with care suiting its customer need. TBD answers the question why one should buy their products. TBD manufactures each product in the state of the art manufacturing facilities with complete quality control. The top management supervises overall process. Moreover, each product is made with highest quality materials. The company strictly follows triple bottom line i.e. taking care of people, planet and profit, to create win-win situation for all.

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