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Is it India’s biggest injustice ever?


I would certainly call it out to be one of the most thought after movies, a movie that can leave you with a barrage of thoughts wrapped up in an enviably shocking story line, one that makes you ponder and contemplate perceptions even after you are out of the theatres!!
Meghna Gulzar’s fictional dramatized thriller is a throw back into the most intriguing murder cases in recent Indian history- Arushi talvar’s murder case which still resonates in the minds of public. The movie echoes the life all of the primary and secondary characters in the case and offers a prototypical view of a story shaped under the pressure of lies and deception, the unreliability and subjectivity of human nature with respect to formation of perceptions of how a thing is projected, making a muck of the constitutional provisions and judicial process. As there is no sense of closure in the case in spite of a guilty verdict- parents of Aarushi who have been convicted in the double murder case, as victims of insensitive investigators and the judicial system in our country, the Irrfan and Konkona starrer has jingled Indian Cinemas.

The box office India Trade Network reports suggests that the film has grossed 15.50 crore nett in week one including paid previews. The week one total is not big but due to the trend it is sure to hold over the next few weeks. The main contributions are from Mumbai / Thane, Delhi NCR, Pune and Bangalore. The movie was also taken to the 2015 Toronto Film Festival where it got amazing response. Talvar Box Office Collections Reaches 19.75 Cr at the end of its second week. Dragging many eye balls for its gripping story and amazing screenplay the movie has not only showed continuous growth, but also has impacted audiences mostly of anger, outrage, and helplessness.

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