Co Founder / Chief Business Officer, Team Pumpkin

Co Founder / Chief Business Officer,  Team Pumpkin

I am a firm believer that if people express what they are feeling at a given point in time to one another, the world would be a much happier place.

1. What are the breakthrough ideas that you suggest to India in your industry?
Some of the ideas that I constantly follow and keep pushing my team to follow too on a regular basis are as follows:
Doing away with Redundancy : We are in a digital age with almost unlimited storage space. This makes us store a lot of redundant, non relevant and useless information, data and even thoughts clutter up our lives. I encourage everyone to do a thorough clean up of everything including thought processes and ideas to be more relevant to current world and also not adding upto digital garbage.
Having a Diverse Team : It sounds imaginative, but the power of having a team full of people from diverse cultural, orientation, gender and economic backgrounds – adds a lot to the team’s creativity.
Expressing oneself : I am a firm believer that if people express what they are feeling at a given point in time to one another, the world would be a much happier place. You will never get angry on an already sad person, you will not fight with an already angry person and so forth. Here in our organisation, people are encouraged to express what they are feeling at any point in time and the rest of the team responds accordingly with them.
2. What innovations are you getting in your industry for a better Indian economy?
Digital Marketing is growing at a much rapid pace than ever and creating millions of jobs for Indians, thereby strengthening our economy. Innovations like chatbots, smart data analytics, optimizing voice based gadgets for products ease a consumer’s buying decision and helps boost our economy.
Digital is the also best medium to communicate any message to the audience. We make creative videos which pass the right messages to our fellow Indians like sensitivity to women related issues, sensitivity to kids affected with down syndrome and so much more. Once our nation receives these messages well, we turn out to be a better country and therefore, better economy.
3. Define your leadership style and role.
Swati Nathani
I am currently functioning as the Chief Business Officer of Team Pumpkin and the role demands me to run the entire business smoothly and profitably with a great team to work with.
I happen to be a democratic, yet a task master leader. I like to have decisions which are run by majority of votes but never do I let this impact timelines or business goals.
4. Breakthrough ideas from you.
Social media, and particularly platforms where people are more likely to interact with strangers like Twitter, have become a place for hate demonstration. The content is full of negativity, voyeurism and sarcasm which unknowingly has a very deep impact on people’s psychology and it effects their mindset, their actions and also how they see the World.
I think all such content should come with an automated hate meter and content beyond a certain degree of hate should be hidden from regular users and should only be visible on request. When we think porn should be available within limitations, why not hatred?
5. Suggestions for a Better India.
I think any country’s index is not defined as much by GDP or infrastructure as much as it is by the Happiness Quotient of its people. No amount of growth or infrastructure can make a country’s people happy and which is why we do not see the most growing, tech forward countries as happiest.
I think all of us Indians, should strive to be happier and make our surroundings happier. We could take active efforts for it. If all us of strive to make 10 most important people to us happy, we’d automatically become a happier place to be.
As fantastical as it may sound, I believe in the power of happiness.
Swati Nathani

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