Sumeet Kabra

Sumeet Kabra

72-Sumeet-KabraSumeet Kabra, director, Ram Ratna (RR) Kabel, has been instrumental in leading his Baroda-based family business into new arenas and promoting excellence in his organisation.

Sumeet has been handling the manufacturing operation of RR Kabel for the past eight years. The group is engaged in a diverse range of activities from making magnet wires to cables, power outlet system to switches, electricals to infrastructure thus bridging the need across homes and industries.

Looking at RR Kabel as a one-stop solution for any electrical glitch, Sumeet has envisioned becoming the largest manufacturer of cables in the world.

With a significant presence in Asia and Middle-East countries, Ram Ratna (RR) Kabel pioneered the introduction of fire-safe cables in India, in addition to the flame retardant low smoke and heat resistant PVC range. The company also has the rare distinction of exporting their goods to China.

Poised to make RR Kabel a superior brand, Sumeet has been procuring the best quality international technology. The organisation under his leadership has taken efforts to make India an electrically safe and energyefficient country.

Since his active involvement in business, he has added five new product certifications and four new management system certifications, thus giving the business a competitive edge over others.

Defining his management style, Sumeet defines leadership as, “involving team members in the process of decision-making, thus encouraging a more democratic form of leadership.”

With a positive outlook and mindset, he looks up to people as immense reservoirs of talent. Following the philosophy of ‘another day, another opportunity to make a difference’, Sumeet has always believed in nurturing and channeling talent in an appropriate manner.

In 2011, Sumeet presented a paper on the ‘Energy Efficient Cable Manufacturing’ at ‘Manufacturing and Innovation Conclave’ organised by media group industry 2.0. Earlier in 2014, he was chosen as Young Turk in cable industry by the Wires and Cables (India) and also appeared on their cover story.

Talking about the company’s social responsibility, Sumeet believes that philanthropy is built into the very frame work of his decision making. Business or non-business, any initiative taken by him has added value to the community in which it operates.

“My grandfather and also the chairman of the company has always said that everyone at Ram Ratna Group – even a worker for that matter, must set aside two per cent of his income for the welfare of the downtrodden. Thus, corporate social responsibility as a value is deeply embedded into our mindset,” he explains.
Evidently, back in October 2010, the RR Kabel team initiated an awareness drive in Haryana. The awareness drive was called Ram Rattan Rath Yatra. Informing people about the electrical standards and electrical safety, the team travelled across the state in 10 days, covering 40 villages and 10 cities at its dealer outlets.