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“SPOILT FORCHOICE” LAU PA SAT- Festival Market -24 hours
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“SPOILT FORCHOICE” LAU PA SAT- Festival Market -24 hours

The crowd has returned to Lau Pa Sat which reopened recently with old favorites as well as new stalls.

The grande dame of markets in Singapore, Telok Ayer Market also known colloquially Lau Pa Sat located in Raffles Quay, Singapore, blends history, striking architecture and scrumptious local food into one heady experience

Grilled chunks of sizzling chicken on skewers, Hearty Indonesian nasi padang meal, or your own little brown bag take away pannini-style sandwiches with chocolate pancakes and marshmallows

Is nothing in comparison to the extravagant dining options proffered to you by Kopitiam under one roof with state of the art infrastructure. Formerly known as Telok Ayer Market, the iconic 120-year-old market turned food centre in the heart of the Central Business District. It is one of the most explicit hawker centre offering the best of local cuisine.


Lau Pa Sat embraces British architecture with its distinctive octagonal shapes and ornamental columns adorned with a graceful clock tower and a new cast-iron supporting structure. Today, after several facelifts and restorations it is still in line with the soaring arches, fretted eaves and Victorian columns having achieved an airy, delicate lace-like effect.


With its most recent restoration, Lau Pa Sa now offers 54 stalls and 14 mini restaurants, compared to 90 before.

Favorites that draw long queues from as early as 11.30am include Thunder Tea Rice and Mang Kiko’s Lechon, which sells Filipino-style roast pork and chicken. Kopitiam has also brought in a slew of new stalls to add more international flavors to the tenant mix.

Don’t go looking for fine dining or comfy seats but food so fresh & well cooked you can’t go wrong and with prices you wish you could just belong there .

An all-inclusive food court with far ranging variety of International Cuisines but magnifying its charm is the Satay Street complying bags of tourists, excellent satays, great ambience.

Make sure to buy tissues from the old guy that passes around (they will be useful) but mostly because he will keep coming back until you buy some.

“So sip an ice-cold coffee and enjoy a plate of Hainanese chicken rice as you revel in the opulent old-world charm of Singapore’s enchanting food court”

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