Sunday, July 2018
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Worthy of an Apple product !!!
We prudently use apps to access all sorts of entertainment through our mobile devices and computers. Who wondered TV’s in the living room is heading there too. Apps are quickly becoming how we watch today proffering us with the advantage to score individual choices.
APPLE TV is a new foundation around this vision. It entails a new operating system called tvOS and reverent innovative ways to connect with your screen.iphone
For keeps, Apple TV has been an ignored accession. It has been a victim of ulterior by its overachieving siblings, the iPhone and iPad. But it’s time our big screens share in that technology and get an equally innovative experience. With the new Apple TV and tvOS, a redesigned interface and the Apple TV Remote with Touch surface, there’s never been a better time to be a TV.
The conception and architecture hasn’t changed at all since 2010, but finally, there’s a genuine app store, with incredible home cinema sound, beyond amazing games, anything from booking travel accommodation to enjoying family games night on your TV. All this has transformed Apple TV into a legitimate platform for entertainment and gaming in your living room. The Apple TV Remote doubles as a dynamic games controller, with the Touch surface acting as a virtual directional pad.
Is the new Apple TV’s lack of 4K video support a deal-killer? Though Apple argues that it makes platforms for the masses, and that at the moment 4K currently is not a mass market proposition.

• New interface is refined and attractive
• Siri remote is a much-needed upgrade
• Voice search works well
• Solid app and gaming support

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