Rabeth-KhanMost men dream of change, but not all have the strength of convic-tion to make change a reality. Shaji Ul Mulk, is one such rare name who has not only dreamt, but also has lived them as he made them real. This chairman of Mulk Holdings, the two-billion dirham net worth mul-tinational conglomerate, whose diversified business interests span the sec-tors of construction materials, renewable energy and health care, has always surprised everyone. Back in time when he first came to Dubai, sports was the priority and not money. With the passage of time perspectives altered and he started a small venture with an investment of $50,000 and 10 people. Step by step and brick by brick this empire was built into a multinational conglomerate holding group of 20 companies, headquartered in Sharjah’s Hamriya Freezone, with manufacturing operations in various geographic regions, including U.S.A., Europe, U.A.E, Oman and lndia, and a distribution network spanning over 30 countries.

20 years have passed since he started his business in the Middle East and today he has become an active participant in the thriving Indian Business Community in the UAE. He has been nominated as Chairman of Ajman Indian Business Community and has often led groups of prominent business-men to high level meetings with His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid AI Nuaimi, Ruler of Ajman and Member of the UAE Supreme Council.

When spoken to about the future of his venture, he puts his finger on Africa, and says that that constant progress is vital for any business that wishes to continue to prosper.



  • His leadership helped Mulk Holdings become the winner of the prestigious MRM Business Excellence Award for the Best Foreign Factory in 2008.
  • With an annual production capacity of 11 million square meters and distributed in 80 countries, Shaji Ul Mulk never steps back from taking sustainably and substantial steps.
  • His passion for excellence drives him to keep achieving greater heights.
  • His 20 years of experience keeps him a step ahead, giving him a clear edge.
  • The sportsmanship instilled in his heart is what keeps him going and the only emotion a failure induces is motivation.

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