Sara Lamsam

Sara Lamsam

97-Sara-LamsamSara Lamsam, director, president and CEO, Muang Thai Life Assurance, has been running the company from over a decade. Now nearly 45, Sara once thought it is cool to be an investment banker. For him, life insurance was certainly not a dream job, at least not at that point of life.

Always accompanied by his father, he spent a lot of time being around insurance people. As he graduated, he was sent to work at Industrial Finance Corp of Thailand, where he initially conducted an IPO for Thai Granite. After about a year, he moved to John Hancock. On 6th April 1951, the company was officially founded by the Chulind Lamsam, Managing Director, along with business associates and highranking officers in the government sector. First headquartered in Bangkok, the company served as a source of fund for the government sector offering long-term savings. This helped in the efforts to develop economic, trade and industrial sectors of the country.

Under the royal patronage of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the company became the first life insurance company to be entitled royal Garuda emblem. Muang Thai Life Assurance was also the first life insurance company that attained the International Standard Certification.

Lamsem always wanted to be an investment banker, but the convulsive economic situation of 1997 altered his perception and thus Sara Lamsem became what he is today.

Sara has often been perceived as a hyperactive leader for the way he runs things super fast around the company, with an ultra-competitive personality and determination to meet business targets.

He takes up every failure as a challenge and talks about working with self-esteem for Muang Thai until he retires. He believes in keeping afloat as, he says, no one wants to be in a sinking ship.